Debating on getting a 2nd iPad as a backup


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Nov 14, 2008
hi guys

I am probably one of the few but i am not a fan of Face ID. I currently own an iPad Pro 10.5 with LTE which i use for video editing. Movie and music consumption and soon beat making and photo editing. I was looking at getting the iPad regular 2018 version with LTE as a backup machine.. my question to anyone here that has both. How is it? I am not a fan of the new iPad pros.


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May 24, 2010
We have now dedicated the 2018 regular version as a kitchen iPad for recipes, calendar, etc. so not really a backup, but an extra. Normally would not have done this, but one of our iPads died earlier this year and we knew we were going to get pros when announced to replace older iPads, so the 2018 ipad was a stop gap and planned kitchen pad.

One thing about it that I noticed is it couldn't handle a game (Ark) as well as even a 2015 model (granted, a pro model). I think it was because of the 2GB of memory in it. Other than was an iPad.


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Jan 14, 2013
I definitely plan to buy one of the new iPad pros. I currently have an iPad mini for going mobile, and the 9.7” for at home. The size difference justifies having two in my mind, since they both serve different tasks. But since you already have the 10.5” I think you’re set. Don’t see what you’d really gain by having the regular 2018 iPad as back up. Do mean just in case your 10.5” dies? Cause your 10.5” will be better in every way for both media consumption & content creation. Do you need the extra iPad for a family member so they don’t borrow yours? I am just trying to figure out your need.

I guess I could see a use for the second regular iPad if you are like say... editing a movie on your 10.5” and want to surf the web or answer emails on the other? So yeah, hey...I could see a use for it. Um...sort of. But hey, It’s up to you.
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Nov 14, 2012
I’m not quite sure why you would want a ‘backup’ iPad. If you’re thinking of something that would just sit in the box in case your primary iPad failed then I don’t think getting one makes sense. iPads aren’t hard to come by, so if your iPad does fail and you need a new one you can always run out to the store and buy one. iPads with home buttons and TouchID are going to be around for years and if you’re looking at getting an older iPad anyway then prices are just gonna be going down so you might save money by waiting.

If you’re thinking about something that’s going to get occasional use, then sure, go for it. As long as the occasional use is worth the expense of buying a new iPad is worth it for you then why not?


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Oct 17, 2014
I got the new pro and decided to also keep my old 9.7 model. Trade in was so low I figured I’d just keep as a backup. Still uses 1st gen. pencil and with software update it’s great!