decided against a new mac....

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by plunar, Aug 15, 2006.

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    Sep 7, 2003
    i have no idea why i'm posting this, except maybe to somehow come away with a different conclusion, but...

    i was waiting until paris to get a new mb pro with merom. but the new machine doesn't have adobe intel yet. on top of that, i'd have to pay for copies of ilife '07 and leopard if i chose to upgrade. the only thing i'd get now (which is something i REALLY want) is aperture. this whole new machine dilemma is all about freaking aperture. because iphoto sucks with raw. i can't even get iphoto and photoshop to work right together. adobe lightroom is still beta. so i'm not given very good options here.

    plus, when i buy a new machine i will also be getting a new ipod (it's easy to write off a $300 expense when i'm already spending damn near $3000). AND, i know i really don't want the very first merom machine off the assembly line.

    so i've resigned to hold onto my 12" 1ghz pb for a good 6 more months.... even if it means no aperture. my only other real concern is that the resell value of powerbooks is going to go through the floor over the next few months too.....
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    I don't have the software issues that you have. However, I had planned on getting a new Mac by July, but then they pushed back WWDC this year, so that became August. Then Paris since Merom isn't out. I don't really have a problem with paying for iLife '07 or Leopard since I am still running iLife '05 and Panther and got both of those through Apple when I worked for them (one of the few perks). I had been torn between the iMac and Mini, the whole GPU thing, but don't want the integrated display. So I am waiting for an upgraded Mini, even just a Yonah speed bump, but I'd really love 128MB shared video, or better yet the mid-tower/headless Mac/return of the cube that we all want. But I can't hold my breath any longer. I am still working on a 6 1/2 year old Rev A. 450 mhz G4 that is getting too slow, but I also use my wife's Rev A. 867 mhz 12" PB, which is a fine machine. I would say based on your argument, wait till January. As for me, mid-Sept will be it. Even if the headless Mac comes out in Jan, I can always make my Mini a media server connected to my tv and get a new Mac next summer, when they Rev B. those. That is if we ever see one.

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