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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by TheKeiser, Aug 4, 2013.

  1. TheKeiser macrumors newbie

    Mar 13, 2013
    I have been working on my 2011 MBA since I got it on release day. Absolutely love the thing for what I have been doing (basics, word processing, etc.). But now, I am being called to do more heavy duty work (Adobe CS6 stuff mostly). The air works, but the display isn't good and well, it just doesnt have the specs to do most of this stuff any justice.

    So. Just like most of you, I've been waiting for a refresh to get the newest/latest/greatest. I know Haswell is the big deal here. But it also seems like the real upgrade there is in battery life. Performancewise, not that different. I hear chatter about Thunderbird 2.0 and whatnot, but I don't even use Thunderbird 1.0, so it may not really impact me. I'll admit. I don't have a clue what discreet graphics vs. integrated graphics means to a user like me. If it really is a big deal, please explain.

    I came across this deal:

    Fully maxed out current generation. $2599 (no tax too). What is this forum's opinion on whether to wait for the new one vs. being a year late and getting a machine now? More importantly, what are the chances of Apple blowing us all away with some unknown MBPr design or functionality? I mean, I dig the look of the Mac Pro and would love a laptop with that kind of "wow." Could Apple put a 4k display in the refresh? Are prices going to stay level with where we are now?

    So please, mock me as a newbie if you must. That's cool. I'd rather you get me up to speed and give me some good advice. Thanks all..........
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    Mr. Dee

    Dec 4, 2003
    I would wait if you are spending that much

    Discrete - Dedicated video card that handles all graphically oriented task, example, watching video, editing videos, photos. Instead of the CPU handling all of this and system memory being allocated to handle such task, those tasks are instead off loaded to the discrete video card, freeing up system resources for other task. So your CPU can work on other task and system memory available for other applications.

    Integrated - some of your system memory is used for graphics processing unit, so watching video, editing videos, photos, the processor takes some of your system memory to do that.

    If you are willing to spend so much, I would suggest you wait until the Haswell update, which promises significant improvements battery life, likely better GPU (whether discrete or integrated), improve wireless. Who knows, Apple could even make 16 GBs of RAM the default in all configurations or lower the price.

    You just don't know, you might end up saving $600 or half of that.

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