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Feb 17, 2011
Hey guys,

I was trying to decide what to do. I currently own an 11" 2011 Macbook Air with 2GB ram and 64GB SSD. I am in bad need of extra storage space since I've had the computer for a few years and with games/programs/etc I find myself constantly lacking storage. Also, it's become my primary computer now which means there are things I can't just dump off onto the school network, the cloud, etc.

I would like to upgrade the SSD but the only company I can find that offers an upgrade is OWC and they're pretty expensive at $1/GB or higher. Would I be better off just waiting it out and using a USB storage device for a few months and selling my 2011 MB Air for ~$600 and paying a $400 difference and getting all of the extra bells and whistles that comes with a new computer? Or should I try to hit up Ebay, Amazon, etc and get an SSD via a different 3rd party?

Thanks! :)


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Mar 29, 2009
I would buy a PNY StorEdge or something like that. You'll be able to use it with your next Air.

Also, $600 might be a bit optimistic for your 2011 base model.


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Feb 21, 2012
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My first though as well.
Mine too. Personally I wouldn't sink any more money into that machine. The 2gb of RAM is always going to be a limitation. If you can't make do with external storage, I think it's time for a new machine with at least 4gb RAM and a bigger SSD. You will also get USB 3, better battery life and other improvements.