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Decoding Apple serials (where & when hardware was assembled, 1983–2021);
and Apple Model Numbers, 1977–present
Last updated: 19 May 2023


This WikiPost provides, as complete as possible, a description of the Apple serial number syntax used for all Apple hardware between 1983 (ca. Apple Lisa) and April 2021*. Especial care is given to relationships between serials and where hardware was assembled.

We are also aggregating all known Apple Model Numbers dating from 1977 through today.

* April 2021 and serials subsequent to then, starting with the third alpha-numeric digit, are cryptographically randomized and are not engineered to be human-decipherable


Why is this project worthwhile?

A few proprietary sources over the years have striven to compile rough overviews of Apple’s hardware serials as a way to demystify where and when that hardware was assembled. These sources focussed broadly on primary products (like Macs and iDevices) but less so on peripherals, components, and consumables (most of which rely on the same serializing syntax). Smaller manufacturers, responsible for specialized hardware, like remotes, keyboards, and speakers, have tended to be overlooked by said earlier sources.

This WikiPost cites those earlier sources and aggregates their data, along with other sources, into one open, accessible wiki. The value of this non-proprietary WikiPost ought to improve as more sources and references get brought into the mix.

So what?

So this WikiPost delivers — hopefully, as a permanent desk reference! — a fairly clear and easy way to decode serial numbers on Apple gear and to look up model numbers. Knowing where and when hardware was assembled offers a hint at how broadly Apple’s manufacturing reach has spread over the last half-century (and to what degree those locations have shaped the contours Apple’s carbon footprint).

So far, we’ve learnt how some physically heavier products (iMacs, Power Macs, and so on) were assembled on several continents, simultaneously, for region-based sale, rather than at one factory for the entire planet.

Who may edit this WikiPost?

As with all WikiPosts on MR forums, any member may modify and update this WikiPost. This is a collaborative peer project. But if you’re shy about editing the WikiPost, just add your additions to a reply below! :)


DIAGRAM A. 1989 through late 2010: 11-alphanumeric

  | |  |  |  |_
configuration options, i.e., processor, colour, display size, storage, etc. (mix of letters and numbers)
  | |  |  |_ unique device identifier, i.e., individual serial — (mix of letters and numbers)
| |  |_ WEEK of manufacture within calendar year (from 01 to 53)
| |_ YEAR of manufacture, pre-2010 (0 to 9, reused for the 1990s and 2000s; i.e., 1999 and 2009 use “9”)
|_ FACTORY location code [Table 1]

DIAGRAM B. Late 2010 through early 2021: 12-alphanumeric

| | || |   |_ configuration options, i.e., processor, colour, display size, storage, etc. (mix of letters and numbers)
| | ||   |_ unique device identifier, i.e., individual serial — (mix of letters and numbers)
| | ||_ WEEK of manufacture, post-2010 [Table 2b]
| | |_ YEAR of manufacture, post-2010 [Table 2a]
| |_ plant-specific code (possibly useful for identifying a particular assembly line)
|_ FACTORY location code [Table 1]


Figure 1. Cartographic visualization of factory location data from Table 1.

███ (GREEN, top-left hue in colour picker): the Americas
███ (RED, bottom row, fourth from left): Asia
███ (BLUE, top row, fourth from left): Europe
███ (PURPLE, top row, fifth from left): Oceania
███ (ORANGE, bottom row, second from left): Africa

Table 1. “AA” in serials: FACTORY location code*

17unknown city, People’s Republic of ChinaReconditioned (e.g., Apple TV)
1BunknowniPod touch
1Cunknown city, PRC
1EunknowniPod Touch 2G
1Gunknown city, PRCiPod touch
2ACork, Ireland, EUApple IIe; displays (ACD)
2C (2CD)unknown city, PRCiPod mini+HP
2Zunknown city, PRCiPod mini
32unknown city, PRCfactory refurbished
3Kunknown city, PRCLi-ion batteries (12in PB)
4Hunknown city, PRClate, small-sized G4 & Intel-era laptops
4Junknown city, PRCiPod Mini
4Runknown city, PRCA1026 AirPort Extreme cards (603-6234)
4Xunknown city, PRCiPod Video (5G)
5Kunknown city, PRCiPod mini
5Punknown city, AustraliaApple Modem Card V32 (1995)
5Uunknown city, PRCiPod mini 2G, iPod nano 2G
6Cunknown city, PRCiBook G4 batteries, ca. 2005–06
6Funknown city, PRCAirPort Express
6Uunknown city, PRCiPod nano 2G
7JShenzhen, Guangdong, PRCHon Hai Precision Industry (Foxconn)iPod nano 4G
7Kunknown city, PRCiPod nano 3G
7Lunknown city, PRCiPod nano 2G
7Tunknown city, PRCiPod nano 2G
8Bunknown city, PRCperipherals (keyboards, mice)
8Hunknown city, PRCperipherals (remotes)
8Kunknown city, PRCiPod classic 6th gen; iPod U2
8Lunknown city, PRCiPod classic 6th gen; iPod touch
9Cunknown city, PRCiPod Classic 5th/6th gen
9Eunknown city, PRCiPods
9Gunknown city, PRCLi-ion batteries
A*unknown city, CA, United StatesApple Computerearly Macs and peripherals
AHunknown city, USGeoPort Telecom Adapter, ca. 1994–96
ALCork, Ireland, European UnionALPS/SKCMADB Extended Keyboard II
AMCork, Ireland, EUALPS/SKCMADB Extended Keyboard
APunknown city, CA, US
unknown city, Mexíco
ALPS/SKCM68K keyboards
B3unknown city, PRCNewton 9W power adapter, late
BPunknown city, Japan68000 PowerBook batteries
BXunknown city, USPowerBook Duo floppy adapters
Cork, Ireland, EU
Hong Kong
Apple Inc.
vintage Macs, ’80s/early ’90s
Personal Modem 300/1200 A9M0334 (1986)
C0Shanghai, Songjiang EPZ, PRCTech Com (Quanta Computer, Inc.)desktops (iMacs), rMBPs
C1unknown city, PRCMacBook Air
C2unknown city, PRCIntel laptops
C3Shenzhen, Guangdong, PRCHon Hai Precision Industry (Foxconn)iPhone, iPad, iPod touch
C4Shenzhen, Guangdong, PRCHon Hai Precision Industry (Foxconn)iPhone, iPad, iPod touch
C6Shenzhen, Guangdong, PRCHon Hai Precision Industry (Foxconn)iPhone, iPad, iPod touch
C7Dalian (Changhai), Liaoning, PRCPentragoniPhone, iPad, iPod touch
C8unknown city, PRCiPhone, AirPort Time Capsule
CAunknown city, JapanLaserWriter, early 90s
CCunknown city, JapanCanonPortable StyleWriter
CEunknown city, JapanCanonColor StyleWriter 2200
CKCork, Ireland, EUApple Inc.Macs from 1980s to present for the EU market
CNunknown city, (Republic of South) KoreaApple Basic Color Monitor
CQunknown city, United KingdomHewlitt-Packard4mm DDS2 DAT SCSI Drive (Network Server)
CSunknown city, US
CXunknown city, PRCAppleDesign Speakers
CYunknown city, KoreaMultiple Scan 15 Display
D2Fremont, CA, USQuanta Computer, Inc.mid-2010s iMacs (BTO/CTO)
DCunknown city, PRCiPod nano 6G, 7G
DGCork, Ireland, EUApple Inc.mid-2010s iMacs (BTO/CTO) for the EU market
DLunknown city, PRCHon Hai Precision Industry (Foxconn)
DMunknown city, PRCFoxconnreserved for merchandising display demos
DNChengdu, Sichuan, PRCHon Hai Precision Industry (Foxconn)iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
DQunknown city, PRCiPhone
DTunknown city, TaiwanWorkgroup Server 9150 power supply unit
DVJundiaí, São Paulo, BrazilHon Hai Precision Industry (Foxconn)iPhone, iPad
DXunknown city, PRCiPhone 5s
DYunknown city, PRCApple TV
E*Singaporevintage Macs, ’80s/early ’90s
ECunknown city, USApple TechStep diagnostic handheld (1991)
EETaipei, TaiwanPowerBook
EQFramingham, MA, USBoseTwentieth Anniversary Mac speakers
EWunknown city, JapanPowerBook battery
F*Fremont, CA, USApple Inc.vintage Macs, ’80s/early ’90s
F1Zhengzhou, Henan, PRCHon Hai Precision Industry (Foxconn)iPhone
F2Shanghai, PRCPegatron Corp.iPhone 5C
F3Fremont, CA, USAppleMacintosh Portable
F4Shanghai, PRCPegatron Corp.iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
F5Austin, TX, USFlex(tronics Intl.), Ltd.MacPro6,1 & 7,1 (Americas market only)
F6unknowniPod touch
F7Shanghai, PRCPegatron Corp.iPad mini, iPhone 5C
F9unknown city, PRCiPad Mini 1G
FCFountain, CO, USApple68000 PowerBooks
FFunknown city, PRCiPhone 6
FGunknown city, JapanQuickTake 200
FHunknown city, PRCWatch
FKZhengzhou, Henan, PRCHon Hai Precision Industry (Foxconn)iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
FMunknown city, MexícoMacintosh Portable battery packs
FSunknown city, Italy, EUColor Monitor 21'', 1991–92
FVViệt Yên, Bắc Giang, Vietnam /
unknown city, PRC
Hon Hai Precision Industry (Foxconn) /Watch /
MacBook Air
FYChennai (Sriperumbudur), Tamil Nadu, IndiaHon Hai Precision Industry (Foxconn)iPhone
G*unknown city, USearly Apple peripherals, 1980s
G6Shenzhen, Guangdong, PRCHon Hai Precision Industry (Foxconn)iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
G8unknown city, USdesktops (Power Mac G5)
G9unknown city, PRCWatch
GAGuadalajara, MexícoMacintosh Portable batteries
GBunknown city, PRCHon Hai Precision Industry (Foxconn)iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
GVChennai (Sriperumbudur), Tamil Nadu, IndiaHon Hai Precision Industry (Foxconn)iPhone
GYunknown city, PRCWatch
H0Việt Yên, Bắc Giang, VietnamHon Hai Precision Industry (Foxconn)AirPods, HomePod
H1Việt Yên, Bắc Giang, VietnamHon Hai Precision Industry (Foxconn)AirPods
H2Việt Yên, Bắc Giang, VietnamHon Hai Precision Industry (Foxconn)AirPods
H3Việt Yên, Bắc Giang, VietnamHon Hai Precision Industry (Foxconn)AirPods
H4Bangkok, Thailand /
unknown city, PRC
Quanta Computer, Inc. /iMac M1 /
Newton power adapters, mid/late 1990s
H6Việt Yên, Bắc Giang, VietnamHon Hai Precision Industry (Foxconn)HomePod mini
H8Việt Yên, Bắc Giang, VietnamHon Hai Precision Industry (Foxconn)Watch
HCViệt Yên, Bắc Giang, VietnamHon Hai Precision Industry (Foxconn)HomePod mini
HGViệt Yên, Bắc Giang, VietnamHon Hai Precision Industry (Foxconn)HomePod mini
HQTaipei, TaiwanLi-ion batteries
HSunknown city, TaiwanA1026 AirPort Extreme (603-5197); AirPort Express
HTunknown city, TaiwanMacintosh Portrait Display (A)
HXunknown city, Italy, EUMacintosh Portrait Display (B)
HYunknown city, JapanMacintosh Portrait Display (A)
IVunknown city, TaiwanNewton MessagePads, Newton eMate
J5unknown city, PRCPCIe x16 Xeon Xserve riser card; AppleTV 1G logic board
JEunknown city, JapanNewton MessagePad 2100 series, 1997
JNunknown city, USGeoPort Telecom Adapter II
JQunknown city, PRCiPod mini

unknown city, Japan
Sydney (Frenchs Forest), New South Wales, Australia

Apple Computer Australia Pty Ltd
IIc/Macintosh peripherals

Apple MIDI Interface, late ’80s to mid ’90s
KYunknown city, Malaysiaperipherals (keyboards, incl. metal, 2-axis mechanism)
KZunknownlikely PRC; iBook G4 keyboard manufactured w/in 2wks of other PRC components
L4unknownTwentieth Anniversary Mac accessories box
unknown city, US
unknown city, UK

Sony (UK)
Modem 300 (1983)
Multiple Scan 20 Display (1994)
LCunknown city, Malaysia /
unknown city, PRC
OneScanner /
ADB peripherals (mice)
LIunknown city, Ireland, EUM2706 ADB mouse II
LSSydney, NSW, AustraliaApple Computer Australia Pty LtdApple IIe drop-in card for LC II & LC III Macs
LTunknown city, Taiwanperipherals (mice)
LWunknown city, TaiwanLi-ion batteries (12/14-in iBooks, 17-in PBs)
M*unknown city, JapanMitsumiMacintosh Plus keyboard (1986)
M1unknown city, Japan68k CRT displays
M2Singapore68k CRT displays
M7unknown city, JapanMitsumiMacintosh Plus keyboard (1986)
MAunknown city, JapanModem 1200 (1983) / vintage Mac keyboards, ca. 1990
MBunknown city, MalaysiaADB Mouse II
MIunknown city, MalaysiaADB Keyboard II
MICork, Ireland, EUApple Inc.ADB Mouse II
MNunknownperipherals (mice)
MQunknown city, MexícoNewton keyboard
MVunknown city, PRCMagSafe adapters
MWAustin, TX, USTAM / Network Server 500/700 (Shiner LE/HE)
N1unknown city, JapaniBook G4 batteries (Sony?)
N5Taipei, Taiwandisplays (ACD), ADC-to-DVI adapters
NCunknown city, AustraliaApple Computer Australia Pty LtdData Modem 2400
NHunknown city, USPowerBook Duo 200 serial upgrade
NKunknown city, PRCperipherals (keyboards)
NNunknown city, ThailandApple Design Keyboard
P1unknown city, Belgium, EUPowerCD, ca. 1993
unknown city, US
unknown city, Japan
Apple Inc.AppleCD 600e (Panasonic/Matsushita, conjectured)
PowerBook 20X CD-ROM Module
PGunknown city, France, EUGeoPort Telecom Adapter II
PHunknown city, CanadaTwo-Page Monochrome Monitor
PJunknown city, MexícoPerforma display
PKPuebla, Puebla, MexícoNewton keyboard
PTunknown city, CanadaEthernet 10T/5 Workgroup Hub
PWunknown city, TaiwanOrinoco-based AirPort 802.11b cards
QEunknown city, PRCDelta Electronicsunibody MacBook/Pro fans
QFFremont, CA, USQuanta Computer, Inc.early PPC PowerBook models (1400, etc.)
QPFremont, CA, USQuanta Computer, iMacs (BTO/CTO)
QTTaipei, TaiwanQuanta Computer, Inc.laptops (PowerBook G3s, G4s)
R*unknown city, USPersonal Modem A9M0304
R8unknown city, TaiwanDelta Electronics, Inc.Low-Power AC Adapter ADP-17AB (QuickTake 100/150)
RMRe-Manufactured, no location specifiedn/a
RNReynosa, Tamaulipas, Mexíco
RRDongguan, PRCDongguan-Samsung Electro-Mechanics45W iBook/PowerBook power disc, 1999–2001
RUunknown city, UK
S*Seoul, KoreaMonitor IIc
S1unknown city, JapanSonyMac 16" Color Disp (1992)/Multiple Scan 17 (1994)
S2unknown city, US68K PowerBook DC adapters
S4unknown city, USApple Multiple Scan 20 Display
SAunknown city, Japan68000 PowerBook floppy drives
SFCork, Ireland, EUApple Inc.Quadra logic board
SGSingaporeMac Color Classic II, B&W G3, etc.
SIHermosillo, Sonora, Mexíco
SOunknown city, USApple Inc.Network Server logic board; Portable Battery Recharger
SQCork, Ireland, EUApple Inc.PowerBook 100
SRunknown city, Taiwanvintage peripherals
SSunknown city, USAppleCD SC Plus (1991)
T1unknown city, JapanSony (US)Multiple Scan 20 Display
TFFremont, CA, USImageWriter II (ca. 1989); OneScanner
TGunknown city, West Germany, EECImageWriter II (1989)
TJunknown city, Japan
TLunknown city, JapanQuickTake 100, 150, etc.
TMNikaho, Akita, JapanTDKLC series low-profile power supplies, 1990–1994
TNunknown city, TaiwanApple Paladin
TSunknown city, TaiwanSMKMacintosh Plus HIDs (1986)
TYunknown city, USearly PPC PowerBooks (3400, etc.)
U2Taipei, TaiwaniPod (1st gen)
UCunknown city, JapanSeagateSCSI internal Tape drive model CTD-8000H-S
UMunknown city, Mexícopre-G3 PowerBook batteries
UVTaipei, Taiwanlaptops (iBook G3)
V4unknownmid-2004 PM G5 DVT
V5unknown city, PRCiPad
V6unknown city, PRCSuper Multi DVD Rewriter GS23N (2009–10 MBPs)
V7unknown city, Taiwan2003 aluminium PowerBook 17"
VAJakarta, IndonesiaNiMH batteries for early PowerBooks
VMPardubice, Czechia, EUApple Inc.supplemental EU production for all-in-one Macs (iMacs, eMacs, iMac G3 to iMac Intel Core iX)
W0unknown city, PRC15in PB batteries (2009 edition); AirPort Extreme cards
W8Shanghai, PRClaptops (PowerBook G4); early Intel MBPs & iMacs
W9unknown city, PRCiSight FireWire
WDunknown city, JapanQuickTime Conferencing Kit, ca. 1995–96
WIunknown city, Malaysiaend-run Apple IIe, late 1993
WQunknown city, PRC
WRSingaporeSonyAppleVision 850/AV Display
WVViệt Yên, Bắc Giang, VietnamHon Hai Precision Industry (Foxconn)HomePod mini
XAElk Grove, CA, USXserve
XBElk Grove, CA, USXserve; Power Mac 8100/8500
XCElk Grove, CA, USCentris-era Macs
Y5unknown city, IndiaPowerBook G4/iBook G4 power adapters
Y9unknown city, JapanPowerBook G4 17 OEM battery (A1149)
YDunknownas found on “late” 2008 MBP A1261
YMShenzen, Guangdong, PRCHon Hai Precision Industry (Foxconn)iPod nano, iPad; iPod Hi-Fi Speaker
YWViệt Yên, Bắc Giang, VietnamHon Hai Precision Industry (Foxconn)HomePod mini
ZCunknown city, TaiwanPerforma/Multiple Scan displays
ZHunknown city, Malaysiaperipherals (mice)
ZUunknownPower Mac G4 internal modem
ZXunknown city, CanadaAppleCare Protection Plan kit: iBook/MacBook ’06 edition
ZZunknown city, TaiwanLi-ion batteries (iBook G4, etc.)

* Most single-letter location codes (e.g., A, C, E, F, G, K, R, S, etc.) appeared in serials on Apple hardware products produced during the 1980s and early 1990s. This period includes serial syntax variations which diverged from later, standardized serial syntax formats described above in Diagrams A and B.

███ (TAN, third row, fifth from left hue in colour picker): 1st half of YEAR (weeks 1 thru 27)
███ (SALMON, third row, third from left): 2nd half of YEAR (weeks 28 thru 53)

Table 2a. “C” in serials, 2010–2021: YEAR


Table 2b. “D” in serials, 2010–2021: WEEK


███ (GREEN, top row, leftmost hue in colour picker): standalone device (desktops, portables, laptops)
███ (SLATE, top row, sixth from left): displays (CRTs, LCDs)
███ (TEAL, second row, second from left): handhelds (Newtons, iPods, iPads, non-consumable wearables)
███ (BLUE, top row, fourth from left): consumables (batteries, AirPods, print cartridges, etc.)
███ (SALMON, third row, fourth from left): input devices (mice, scanners, keyboards, etc.)
███ (RED, bottom row, fourth from left): peripherals (printers, MIDI controllers, drives, etc.)
███ (PURPLE, top row, fifth from left): customer add-ins (AirPort cards, Bluetooth, etc.)
███ (TAN, third row, fifth from left): adapters (power supplies, trays, docks, dongles, etc.)
███ (ORANGE, bottom row, second from left): other products (AirPort base stations, covers, etc.)

B-series, C-series, D-series, P-series, and S-series, 1977–1988: pre-Macintosh

B0001*1978Prototyping Card
B0002*1978Parallel Printer Interface Card
B0003*1978Communications Card & DB25 Connector with Cable
B0004*1977Apple II Board Only 4K
B0005*1978High-Speed Serial Interface Card
B0007*1978Printer II/IIA Interface Card (A2B0007)
B0007*1983Serial Card III (A3B0007)
B0009*1978Applesoft II Firmware Card
B0016*1977Apple II Board Only 16K
B0032*1977Apple II Board Only 32K
B0044*1981Apple II Super Serial Card
B0048*1977Apple II Board Only 48K
B0314*1985ImageWriter II/LQ LocalTalk Option kit
B2078*1984Apple IIe Extended 80-Column RGB Card
B2087*1986Apple II SCSI card
B2088*1987Apple II Workstation Card
B2092*1988Apple II Video Overlay Card
B3000*1992Apple II Ethernet Card
B6002*1986Apple IIGS 256K Memory Expansion Card (1MB)
C0000*1978Printer II/IIA Micro P1 Paper
C0300*1983Color Plotter Overhead Transparency Film — 5/box
C0301*1983Color Plotter Paper Kit (Letter) — 5/box
C0302*1983Color Plotter Accessory Kit for Apple III
C0303*1983Color Plotter Paper Kit (11x17) — 5/box
C0304*1983Color Plotter Multi-Pen Capper Kit — 5/box
C0311*1986System/Peripheral — 8 Cable (Apple III / Macintosh XL / Lisa)
C0312*1986Apple IIe Modem — 8 Cable
C0351*1983Daisy Wheel Accessory Kit for Apple III
C0352*1983ImageWriter Accessory Kit for Apple III
C0353*1983Cluster Controller Accessory Kit for Apple III
C0354*1983Modem Accessory Kit for Apple III
C4312*1986Apple IIc Peripheral — 8 Cable (identical to C0311, M0185, M0187, M0197)
C4520*1984Scribe Printer Accessory Kit for Apple IIc
C6001*1986Apple IIe Case Replacement Kit for the Apple IIGS Upgrade
D0000*1983Blank Diskettes — 10/box
P2023*1983Modem 300 with Apple III Accessory Kit
P2024*1983Modem 1200 with Apple III Accessory Kit
P2025*1983ImageWriter with Apple III Accessory Kit
P2028*1983Daisy Wheel Printer with Apple III Accessory Kit
P2038*1983ImageWriter Wide Carriage with Apple III Accessory Kit
P2040*1983Color Plotter 410 with Apple III Accessory Kit & Stacker Stand
S0001*1977Apple II (A2S0001)
S0001*1980Apple III (A3S0001)
Apple II europlus (A2S0002)
Apple II j-plus (A2S0002)
S0002*1983Apple III plus (A3S0002)
1977Apple II 4K
Apple II 16K
Apple II 32K
Apple II 48K
S0200*1984Lisa 2 / Macintosh XL
S0204*1984Lisa 2 / Macintosh XL 512k memory option
1979Apple II+ 16K
Apple II+ 32K
Apple II+ 48K
1979Apple II+ Bell & Howell 16K
Apple II+ Bell & Howell 32K
Apple II+ Bell & Howell 48K
S1256*1983Apple III plus 256K
Apple IIe
Apple IIe Enhanced
S2128*1987Apple IIe Platinum [S2128X: AU]
S4000*1984Apple IIc (Rev. A)
[S4000Z: ; S4000F: FR; S4000B: BG; S4000N: NO; S4000D: WG;
S4000T: IT; S4000Y: ; S4000S: SE; S4000FN: FI; S4000SF: ]
S4100*1986Apple IIc (Rev. B) [S4100X: AU; S4100C: CA; S4100E: Latin America]
S4500*1988Apple IIc Plus
S6000*1986Apple IIGS

* Model numbers may have A2 (Apple II), A3 (Apple III), A6 (Lisa) or A9 (product-agnostic) prepended (e.g., A2M2050). Prependings are dropped unless noted.

G-series and M-series, 1978–2002

G0000*1978Apple Logo T-Shirt
G0001*1978Vinyl Diskette Holder Pages [10/box]
G00101989ImageWriter II (Rev. C)
G0300*1983Color Plotter Paper Pen: Narrow (0.3mm) [Black]
G0301*1983Color Plotter Paper Pen: Wide (0.7mm) [Black]
G0302*1983Color Plotter Transparency Pen: Narrow (0.3mm) [Black]
G0303*1983Color Plotter Transparency Pen: Wide (0.7mm) [Black]
G0304*1983Color Plotter Paper Pen: Narrow (0.3mm) [Red]
G0305*1983Color Plotter Paper Pen: Wide (0.7mm) [Red]
G0306*1983Color Plotter Transparency Pen: Narrow (0.3mm) [Red]
G0307*1983Color Plotter Transparency Pen: Wide (0.7mm) [Red]
G0308*1983Color Plotter Paper Pen: Narrow (0.3mm) [Green]
G0309*1983Color Plotter Paper Pen: Wide (0.7mm) [Green]
G0310*1983Color Plotter Transparency Pen: Narrow (0.3mm) [Green]
G0311*1983Color Plotter Transparency Pen: Wide (0.7mm) [Green]
G0312*1983Color Plotter Paper Pen: Narrow (0.3mm) [Blue]
G0313*1983Color Plotter Paper Pen: Wide (0.7mm) [Blue]
G0314*1983Color Plotter Transparency Pen: Narrow (0.3mm) [Blue]
G0315*1983Color Plotter Transparency Pen: Wide (0.7mm) [Blue]
G0316*1983Color Plotter Paper Pen: Narrow (0.3mm) [Combo 1: Black/Red/Green/Blue]
G0317*1983Color Plotter Paper Pen: Wide (0.7mm) [Combo 1: Black/Red/Green/Blue]
G0318*1983Color Plotter Transparency Pen: Narrow (0.3mm) [Combo 1: Black/Red/Green/Blue]
G0319*1983Color Plotter Transparency Pen: Wide (0.7mm) [Combo 1: Black/Red/Green/Blue]
G0320*1983Color Plotter Paper Pen: Narrow (0.3mm) [Combo 2: Violet/Orange/Gold/Brown]
G0321*1983Color Plotter Paper Pen: Wide (0.7mm) [Combo 2: Violet/Orange/Gold/Brown]
G0322*1983Color Plotter Transparency Pen: Narrow (0.3mm) [Combo 2: Violet/Orange/Gold/Brown]
G0323*1983Color Plotter Transparency Pen: Wide (0.7mm) [Combo 2: Violet/Orange/Gold/Brown]
G54311986ADB Mouse
G54321990Data Modem 2400
G54331990Data Modem 2400 AC Adapter
FDHD Drive
SuperDrive 1.4MB (external)
MA0342005USB External Modem 56K
MB101*1983Lisa Keyboard
M00011984Macintosh 128K
M0001W1984Macintosh 512K
M0001E1986Macintosh 512Ke
M0001D1986Macintosh 512Ke/800
M0001ED1986Macintosh ED
M0001A1986Macintosh Plus
M0001AP1986Macintosh Plus ED
M0003*1978Disk II
M0004*1978Disk II & Controller (A2M0004)
M0004*1980Disk III (A3M0004)
M0005*1978Video Monitor II
M0005*1984ProFile 5MB hard drive for Lisa 2
M0006*1980Monitor III (white phosphor) (120V)
M0009*1978Apple II Vinyl Carrying Case
M0010*1978Printer II [Micro P1] & Controller
M0011*1978Printer IIA with Tractor & Controller
M0012*1978Introl AC Master Control Unit & Dual-Channel AC Remote for Apple II
M0013*1978Introl Dual-Channel AC Remote for Apple II
M0015*1978Speechlab Voice Recognition Unit for Apple II (Model 20A)
M0016*1978Apple II 16K Memory Expansion Module
M0017*1978Modem IIA & Interface
M0018*1978Tape Recorder (A2M0018)
M0018*1980Apple III 256K Memory Upgrade (A3M0018)
M0019*1978Apple II Programmer’s Aid #1 Firmware (A2M0019)
M0019*1980Modem Eliminator Cable [5/box] (A3M0019)
M0020*1983Apple III Clock Calendar Kit [5/box]
M0021*1978Modem IIA
M0021*1983Apple III Interlace Kit (A3M0021)
M0022*1978Dow Jones Stock Quote Reporter Kit for Apple II & Modem IIA
M0024*1978Clock/Calendar Card (A2M0024)
M0024*1980Monitor III (green phosphor) (230V) (A3M0024)
M0025*1982Daisy Wheel Printer III
M0029*1983Graphics Tablet for Apple IIe and drop-in card (9-pin variant of 1979 original)
M0032*1980silentype (Rev. A)
M0039*1980Monitor III (green phosphor) (120V)
M0040*1984Apple III 128K Memory Upgrade Kit
M0050*1983Lisa mouse (A6M0050)
M0050*1984Cable Kit DB25-to-DB25 [5/box] (A2M0050)
M0058*1982Dot Matrix Printer 9 Pin (100–120V)
M0059*1982Dot Matrix Printer 9 Pin (220–240V)
M0072*1983Daisy Wheel Tractor Forms Feeder
M0073*1983Daisy Wheel Mechanical Cut-Sheet Feeder
M0074*1983Daisy Wheel Multi-Strike Ribbon [6/pk]
M0077*1983ImageWriter Cloth Ribbon [6/pk]
M0078*1983Printwheel, Prestige Elite [6/pk]
M0079*1983Printwheel, Courier 10 [6/pk]
M0080*1983Printwheel, Gothic 15 [6/pk]
M0081*1983Printwheel, Boldface [6/pk]
M00911990Personal LaserWriter Letter Paper Cassette
M00961990Personal LaserWriter SC Controller Board kit
M01001984Macintosh 128K Mouse
M0103*1987MIDI Interface
M0104*1985UniDisk 5.25
M0106*19863.5 Drive
M0107*19865.25 Drive
M01101984Macintosh 128k Keyboard (M0110: ANSI/QWERTY; M0110F: FR/AZERTY)
M0110A1986Macintosh Plus Keyboard (full w/ keypad)
M0110*1987Apple PC 5.25" Drive (note: sold as A9M0110, so as to avoid collision with keyboard models)
M01151987ADB Extended Keyboard [M0115B: UK; M0115D: DE; M0115J: JP]
M01161987ADB Standard Keyboard (Rev. A)
M01181988ADB Standard Keyboard (Rev. B)
M01191988Macintosh II Display Card
M01201984Macintosh 128k Numeric Keypad (“clear” and “enter” English text keys)
M0120P1984Macintosh 128k Numeric Keypad (international pictorial version)
M01211990Macintosh Display Card 8•24
M01221990Macintosh Display Card 8•24GC upgrade kit
M01301984400K External Drive
M01311986800K External Drive
M01351985Hard Disk 20
M01561985LaserWriter (M0156Z: 220V)
M01601985LaserWriter & Toner Cartridge Starter Pack
M01781986LaserWriter Plus
M01801985LaserWriter Toner Cartridge
M01811985LaserWriter Letter-size Paper Cassette
M01821985LaserWriter Legal-size Paper Cassette
M01831985LaserWriter A4-size Paper Cassette
M01841985LaserWriter B5-size Paper Cassette
M01851986Apple System/Peripheral — 8 Cable (Macintosh)
M01871986Apple System/Peripheral — 8 Cable (Macintosh Plus)
M01911986LaserWriter Plus Kit
M01971996Apple System/Peripheral — 8 Cable
M02111988Portrait Video Card
M02061992SCSI System Cable (25-pin plug to Centronics 50 plug)
M02091992SCSI Cable Terminator (Centronics 50 receptacle)
M02111987Macintosh II Video Card (4-bit)
M021819871 MB Memory Expansion Kit
M021919872 MB Memory Expansion Kit
M02351987Macintosh SE-Bus PC Drive Card
M02441987FDHD Upgrade Kit
M02471991Superdrive 1.4MB Upgrade kit (internal)
M02631989Macintosh Portable Numeric Keypad Module
M02911989Macintosh IIci 1MB Memory Expansion Kit
M02971990Macintosh 12" RGB Display
M0300*1983Modem 300
M0301*1983Modem 1200
M0302*1983Color Plotter 410 (M0302P: 200–250V)
M0304*1985Personal Modem
M0305*1983ImageWriter Wide (Carriage)
M0307*1984Appleline [IBM 3270 Protocol Converter]
M0308*1983AppleColor Monitor 100
M0309*1983ImageWriter Stand
M0310*1986ImageWriter II (Rev. A)
M03121990ADB Extended Keyboard II (ALPS mechanism; variant of M3501)
M0313*1983Cluster Controller [BSC 3-port]
M0317*1983Cluster Controller [BSC 7-port]
M0320*1987ImageWriter II (Rev. B)
M03221989Macintosh II High Resolution Display Video Card (4-bit)
M0323*1983Cluster Controller [SNA/SDLC 3-port]
M03241989Macintosh II High Resolution Display Video Card (8-bit)
M0327*1983Cluster Controller [SNA/SDLC 7-port]
M03291990Ethernet Thin Coax Transceiver
M0330*1986ADB Keyboard
M0331*1986ADB Mouse (same as G5431)
M0334*1986Personal Modem 300/1200
M0340*1987ImageWriter LQ
M03501990Macintosh LC
M03601990Macintosh IIsi
M04001987Apple High-Resolution Monochrome Monitor
M04011987AppleColor High-Resolution RGB Monitor (Rev. A)
M04031987Universal Monitor Stand
M04201990Macintosh Classic
M04321990Ethernet AUI Adapter
M04371990Ethernet Twisted-Pair Transceiver
M04441991Apple IIe drop-in card for Macintosh
M04451990LaserWriter IINTX (ROM) Upgrade Kit
M04871990ADB Keyboard II (white & black versions)
M05001984Ten Disks “Picasso Box” (3.5in diskettes)
M05041989Macintosh II Monochrome Video Card
M05051989Macintosh Display Card DRAM Kit
M05591987AppleShare User’s Guide 5-Pack
M07151989Portable Battery Recharger
M1005*1981ProFile 5MB HDD for Lisa & Apple III
M10251989Apple Two-Page Monochrome Monitor
M10301988Macintosh Portrait Display (Rev. A)
M10311990Macintosh Portrait Display (Rev. B)
M1041*1984Apple III+ Keyboard Upgrade Kit
M10501991Macintosh 12" Monochrome Display
M12051993Macintosh Centris 650
M12061993Macintosh Quadra 800
Macintosh Workgroup Server 80
M12121992Macintosh Color Display
M12421992ADB Adjustable Keyboard (split ergonomic)
M12541993Macintosh LC III
Macintosh LC III+
Macintosh Performa 450
Macintosh Performa 460
Macintosh Performa 466
Macintosh Performa 467
M12961990Macintosh 12" RGB Display (Rev. A) (M1296Z: 110V/220V)
M12971991AppleColor High-Resolution RGB Monitor (Rev. B)
M12981992Macintosh 16" Color Display
M12991991Macintosh 12" RGB Display (Rev. B)
M13501992Macintosh IIvi
Macintosh IIvx
Macintosh Performa 600
Macintosh Performa 600CD
M14201990Macintosh Classic
M14441993Macintosh Centris 610
Macintosh Workgroup Server 60
M14461993Portable Stylewriter
M14761993Macintosh LC 475
Macintosh Performa 475
Macintosh Performa 476
Macintosh Quadra 605
M15061991PowerBook 100
M15801993Macintosh TV
M15961994Macintosh Performa 6110CD
Macintosh Performa 6112CD
Macintosh Performa 6115CD
Macintosh Performa 6117CD
Macintosh Performa 6118CD
Power Macintosh 6100/60 (PC)
Power Macintosh 6100/60AV
Macintosh Workgroup Server 6150/60
M16001993Macintosh Color Classic
Macintosh Color Classic II
Macintosh Performa 250
Macintosh Performa 275


Macintosh LC 520
Macintosh Performa 520
Macintosh Performa 550
Macintosh Performa 560 Money Edition
Macintosh LC 550
Macintosh LC 575
Macintosh Performa 575
Macintosh Performa 577
Macintosh Performa 578
M16881994Power Macintosh 8100/80
Power Macintosh 8100/80AV
Power Macintosh 8100/110
Power Macintosh 8100/110AV
Macintosh Workgroup Server 8150/80
M16941993GeoPort Telecom Adapter


Macintosh LC II
Macintosh Performa 400
Macintosh Performa 405
Macintosh Performa 410
Macintosh Performa 430
M17371992Portable StyleWriter NiCd Battery Pack
M17871993Color Plus 14" Display
M18121993PowerBook Duo Battery Recharger
M18231994Multiple Scan 20 Display
M20001990Personal LaserWriter SC/NT
M2001*1983Hand Controllers IIe (A2M2001)
M20011993AudioVision 14 Display
M2002*1983Joystick IIe
M2003*1983Numeric Keypad IIe (A2M2003)
StyleWriter II
StyleWriter 1200
M2010*1983Monitor II (Green Phosphor) (A2M2010) [M2010P: 230V]
M20101987LocalTalk Connector Kit
M20121987AppleTalk XL Connector Kit
M20141987Cable Kit
M20221987AppleTalk Custom Wiring Kit
M2045*1981silentype (Rev. B)
M2050*1984AppleMouse II (and optional card) (same as M0100)
M2052*1985Apple IIe Enhancement Kit (A2M2052)
M20521987AppleTalk System Connector Kit
M2053*1985UniDisk 3.5 (800K)
M2058*1986Apple II 256K Memory Expansion Kit
M20661987LocalTalk Locking Cable Kit 10 Meter
M20681987LocalTalk Locking Connector Kit DIN 8
M20691987LocalTalk Locking Cable Kit 25 Meter
M2070*1986Mouse IIe (rebadge of M2050)
M20761992StyleWriter II Accessory Kit
M21101987AppleTalk Connector Kit Master Pack
M21121987AppleTalk XL Connector Kit Master Pack
M21131993Macintosh Quadra 610 (PC)
M21141987Cable Kit Master Pack
M21151993External Hard Drive (LaCie)
M21171996GeoPort Telecom Adapter II
M21181993Macintosh Quadra 650
M21791994Personal LaserWriter 320
M23131990LocalTalk PC Card
M23911994Power Macintosh 7100/66
Power Macintosh 7100/66AV
M24511998PowerBook 20X CD-ROM Module
M24521998USB Keyboard (original bondi/fruit/graphite)
M24941994Multiple Scan 17 Display
M24971993AppleDesign Powered Speakers II
M25151984Macintosh 512K Memory Expansion Kit
M26031985Hard Disk 20SC (Rev. A)
M26041986Hard Disk 20SC (Rev. B)
QuickTake 100
QuickTake 150
M26401987Tape Backup 40SC external drive
M26441987Hard Disk 40SC
M26881987Hard Disk 80SC
M26931994PowerBook Duo AC Adapter (Rev. B)
M27061993ADB Mouse II (white & black versions)
M27071993ADB Mouse II (dark grey for PowerBook 100)
M27401994PowerBook 150
M27451994Paladin (aka, Project X) prototype
M27531993AppleDesign Speakers II AC Adapter
M28501987AppleCD SC
M29181994AppleCD 300e Plus
AppleVision 1710 Display
AppleVision 750 Display
ColorSync 17" Display
ColorSync 750 Display
AppleVision 1710AV Display
AppleVision 750AV Display
ColorSync 750AV Display
M29681995Multiple Scan 15 Display
M29801994AppleDesign Keyboard (white & black versions)
M30211988AppleCD SC Plus
M30221992AppleCD 150 External Drive
M30231992AppleCD 300 External Drive
M30371995PowerBook (5300) 45W Power Adapter
M30501991PowerBook 170/140 Battery Recharger
M30521991PowerBook 100 Battery Recharger
M30531991PowerBook 100 battery
M30571995Color StyleWriter 2200 Power Adapter (Type A)
M30581995Color StyleWriter 2200 Power Adapter (Type JIS)
M30601995Color StyleWriter 2200 Power Adapter (Type C/E)

Macintosh LC 630 (PC)
Macintosh Performa 630
Macintosh Performa 630CD
Macintosh Performa 631CD
Macintosh Performa 635CD
Macintosh Performa 636
Macintosh Performa 636CD
Macintosh Performa 637CD
Macintosh Performa 638CD
Macintosh Quadra 630 (PC)
Macintosh Performa 630CD (DOS)
Macintosh Performa 640CD (DOS)
M30801996Color StyleWriter 2200 Power Adapter (Rev. B: Universal)
M31251994Macintosh Workgroup Server 9150/80
M31811995Color StyleWriter 2200 Battery Attachment
M33511994Ethernet 10T/5 Workgroup Hub
M33541996Network Server 500/132 (Shiner LE)
Network Server 700/150 (Shiner HE)
Network Server 700/200
M33741995Color StyleWriter 1500
M34151995Color OneScanner 600/27
Color OneScanner 1200/30
M34591997Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh
M35011990ADB Extended Keyboard II (Mitsumi/ALPS mechanism)
M35031992SCSI Active Terminator
M35921996Macintosh Power FLoppy Drive Expansion Bay Module
AppleVision 850AV Display
ColorSync 20" Display
ColorSync 850AV Display
AppleVision 850 Display
ColorSync 850 Display
M38761995Color LaserWriter Transparencies 50-pack (LTR)
M38771995Color LaserWriter Transparencies 50-pack (A4)
M39081995Color StyleWriter 2200 CMYK cartridge
M39091995Color StyleWriter 2200 Black-only cartridge
M39101995Color Stylewriter 2200 Black-only ink tank (for M3909)
M39111995Color Stylewriter 2200 CMY ink tank (for M3908)
M39121995Color Stylewriter 2200 K ink tank (for M3908)
M39581995AppleCD 600e
M39601995Color StyleWriter 2200
M4015*1984Mouse IIc (Rev. A); renamed as Mouse in 1985
M4017*1984Power Supply IIc
M4020*1984Modulator (RF TV/Video adapter) [M4020F: Fran]
M4021*1984IIc Monitor Stand
M4022*1984IIc Flat Panel Display
M40231984IIc PAL Modulator Adapter
M4027*1985Color Monitor IIc Stand
M4029*1987Stand (IIc/IIGS Monitor)
M4035*1988Mouse IIc (Rev. B)
M4041*1984TV Switch Box
M4043*1985Color Monitor IIc (240V: M4043X)
M4050*1984Disk IIc
M4090*1984Monitor IIc (220V: M4090Z)
M4120*1984Power Supply IIc (A2M4120)
M41201994Apple Interactive Television Box (AITB)
M41381997QuickTake 200 AC Adapter
Macintosh Classic II
Macintosh Performa 250
M42001991Macintosh Quadra 900
M42221995Multiple Scan 14 Display
M43001992Macintosh Quadra 950
M43271997PowerBook 2400c Floppy Disk Drive
M44361995Multiple Scan 1705 Display
PowerBook 180
PowerBook 165
M44901995QuickTime Conferencing Kit
M45501992PowerBook 160
M45521998Multiple Scan 720 Display
M46811996Multiple Scan 15AV Display
M46851998PowerBook G3 Series Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery
M47751997StylerWriter EtherTalk Adapter
M48481998USB Mouse (“Hockey Puck”)
Studio Display (CRT 21-inch) B&W
Studio Display (CRT 21-inch) Graphite
M48801994PowerBook 520
PowerBook 520c
PowerBook 540
PowerBook 540c
M48961996PowerBook 45W AC Adapter
M49401993PowerBook 165c
M50001987Macintosh II
M50101987Macintosh SE
M50111989Macintosh SE FDHD / SuperDrive
M51191989Macintosh SE/30
M51201989Macintosh Portable
M51261991Macintosh Backlit Portable
M51361989Macintosh Portable Power Adapter
M51371989Macintosh Portable Rechargeable Battery
M51401992PowerBook AC Adapter
PowerBook 170
PowerBook 145
PowerBook 145B
M54161991PowerBook 140
M54171991PowerBook 170/140 Battery
M55251990Macintosh IIfx
M56401987Macintosh II Video Card (8-bit)
M55401990Apple Macintosh Portable Backlight Display Upgrade kit
M56501989Macintosh IIcx
M56511991PowerBook 100 AC Adapter
M56521993PowerBook AC Adapter
M56531992PowerBook 145 Battery
M56541991PowerBook 140/170/180/180c Battery
M57081997QuickTake 200 Storage Card (all sizes)
M57091997QuickTake 200
M57692000Pro Mouse
M57801989Macintosh IIci
M58131992Color OneScanner
M58401988Macintosh IIx
M58971997LaserWriter 8500 Envelope Cassette
M59201991Macintosh Quadra 700
M6014*1986AppleColor RGB Monitor (M6014X: 240V)
M6016*1986Monochrome Monitor (M6016Z: 220V; M6016X: 240V)
M6017*1986Monochrome Monitor IIe (M6017X: 240V)
M6020*1986AppleColor Composite Monitor (M6020X: 240V)
M6021*1986AppleColor Composite Monitor IIe (M6021X: 240V)
M60821993AppleDesign Powered Speakers
Studio Display (CRT 17-inch) B&W
Studio Display (CRT 17-inch) Graphite
(M6855)**1993Macintosh Workgroup Server 95
M7405199956K V.90 Internal Modem (B&W G3)
M7758199956K Internal Modem (Power Mac G4)
M77682000Studio Display (CRT ADC)

PowerBook Duo 210
PowerBook Duo 230
PowerBook Duo 250
PowerBook Duo 270c
PowerBook Duo 280
PowerBook Duo 280c
M77781992PowerBook Duo Battery Charger
PowerBook Duo Dock
PowerBook Duo Dock II
M77801992PowerBook Duo MiniDock
M77811992PowerBook Duo Floppy Adapter (aka, “MicroDock”)
M77821992PowerBook Duo Rechargeable Battery
M77831992PowerBook Duo AC Adapter (Rev. A)
M78032000USB Pro Keyboard (white & black versions)
M78862000Mac Cube G4
M79401993PowerBook 180c
M80101991StyleWriter Power Adapter
M82201991System 7 Personal Upgrade Kit
M80611991Macintosh HDI-20 Floppy Drive
M8420*1983Schoolbus for Apple II
M90201993Macintosh Quadra 840AV
M90401993Macintosh Centris 660AV
M90601993PlainTalk Microphone
M91021993Performa Display
Performa Plus Display
M91031992Basic Color Monitor

* Model numbers may have A2 (Apple II), A3 (Apple III), A6 (Lisa) or A9 (product-agnostic) prepended (e.g., A2M2050). Prependings are dropped unless noted.
** Not shown here with a model number. Number shown is derived from Apple Order Number (which often deviates from Model Number)

H-series and X-series, 1991–1997: handhelds

H00051993Newton H1000 Fax Modem
H00081996Newton 2MB Flash Storage Card
H00091993Newton Leather Carrying Case
H00171993Newton Battery
H00241993Newton Battery Pack Charger
H00291993Newton Connection Kit for Windows
H00301993Newton Connection Kit for Macintosh
H00351993PowerCD AC Adapter (Type G)
H00361993PowerCD AC Adapter (Type C/E)
H00371993PowerCD AC Adapter (Type A)
H00591994Newton MessagePad 110
H06071991TechStep Computer-Aided Testing System
H00861993Newton XJACK Fax Modem
H00871996Newton MessagePad Charging Station
H00881993Newton H1000 Rechargeable Battery
H01311994Newton MessagePad 120
H01491997Newton MessagePad 2000
Newton MessagePad 2100
H01651996Newton 9W Power Adapter
H01961996Newton MessagePad 130
H02081997Newton eMate 300
H02091997Newton MessagePad 2000 Stylus Pen
H02221997Newton eMate 300 Pen (metal)
H02231997Newton eMate Replacement Pens (plastic)
H02301997Newton 4MB Flash Storage Card
H02321997Newton eMac Rechargeable Battery
Newton MessagePad
Newton MessagePad 100
H12001993Newton Battery Pack Charger
H15001994Newton Fax Modem
H22001996Newton MessagePad Power Supply
X00441995Newton Keyboard

A-series, 2002–present

A10012002PowerBook G4 Ti DVI 667/800
A11172005Power Mac G5 PCIe*
A11492005PowerBook G4 17-inch Rechargeable Battery v2
A1150200615-inch MacBook Pro Core Duo
A12022006AC Power Adapter: AirPort Extreme Base Station

* Cork, Ireland-assembled units labelled incorrectly as A1177; final PowerPC-related model numbers terminate at A1149.


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Original poster
My hope with this thread is some of y‘all, next time you’re taking apart or looking at some of your Apple gear, you can check your serials (especially for peripherals like mice, trackpads, keyboards, iSight firewire, AirPort cards, old iPods, OEM batteries, and so on!) and report on what you find — especially so for the “AA” portion of serials, coupled with the stated country of manufacture. :)


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Nov 27, 2013
My hope with this thread is some of y‘all, next time you’re taking apart or looking at some of your Apple gear, you can check your serials (especially for peripherals like mice, trackpads, keyboards, iSight firewire, AirPort cards, old iPods, OEM batteries, and so on!) and report on what you find — especially so for the “AA” portion of serials, coupled with the stated country of manufacture. :)

After I get-through the necessity of Repair(s) to my Home, I plan to dive into my 2011 iMac . . . I have other things that will eventually be on the Table, and they will be forthcoming :)

Regards, splifingate
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Mar 27, 2017
London, UK
An impressive endeavour! :) mid-2021 and subsequent serials are being cryptographically randomized and are engineered to not be human-readable).

For this initial post, the primary focus is on Apple hardware manufactured between the early 1990s and mid-2021. For the above reason, subsequent-dated serials will not be documented.

Please excuse my ignorance, why has Apple gone to the lengths of preventing people from reading serial numbers?

B S Magnet

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Original poster
Please excuse my ignorance, why has Apple gone to the lengths of preventing people from reading serial numbers?

IANAAE (I am not an Apple employee) :)

Apple’s cryptographic randomizing of serial numbers probably ties in with their policy of cryptographically matching components within their products to inhibit third-party ability to, say, replace a broken USB charge port or iPhone screen (which, as of iPhone 12, I think, now disables core features like cameras [note: a worthwhile video to see] if the screen is replaced but not cryptographically matched (by whatever proprietary utility software to which Apple Store repair centres might have access).

In short, cryptographic pairing is sold as a soft “feature” by Apple to argue for verified “authenticity” (because, idk, counterfeit devices?). In practice, however, it runs completely against the grain of right-to-repair advocacy or the ability for a product owner to repair their own devices.

In short(er), because they can. And are.


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Mar 27, 2017
London, UK
IANAAE (I am not an Apple employee) :)

Noted. ;)

Apple’s cryptographic randomizing of serial numbers probably ties in with their policy of cryptographically matching components within their products to inhibit third-party ability to, say, replace a broken USB charge port or iPhone screen (which, as of iPhone 12, I think, now disables core features like cameras [note: a worthwhile video to see] if the screen is replaced but not cryptographically matched (by whatever proprietary utility software to which Apple Store repair centres might have access).

For crying out loud. It's astounding that Apple can get away with this.

In short, cryptographic pairing is sold as a soft “feature” by Apple to argue for verified “authenticity” (because, idk, counterfeit devices?). In practice, however, it runs completely against the grain of right-to-repair advocacy or the ability for a product owner to repair their own devices.

Yes and in turn, on an ethical level it exacerbates the issue of technology (which could be donated or sold cheaply to those in need) being needlessly consigned to landfills or abandoned in drawers, cupboards and shelves etc. out of fear that the repair costs would be unaffordable. You're forced down the path of buying a brand new product instead as the cost of repairing the old one is not cost effective.

There really needs to be a legal challenge against these business practices.

In short(er), because they can. And are.

As usual with Apple - and also because too many consumers will accept their behaviour. It's difficult for me to rationalise purchasing Apple's more recent products because their vision of computing and consumer electronics is significantly incompatible with what I'd expect and want in return for handing over my money.

Thanks for the explanation. :)


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Mar 29, 2013
An impressive endeavour! :)

Please excuse my ignorance, why has Apple gone to the lengths of preventing people from reading serial numbers?
Another couple possible reasons:

- In order to get iMessage and other iCloud services working on Hackintoshes, people often make up serial numbers that could be valid but don’t correspond to real Macs. Switching to randomizes serial numbers prevents this, but Apple hasn’t been too aggressive about going after hobbyist Hackintosh users (commercial enterprises like Psystar, on the other hand...).
- iOS devices that have Activation Lock active are supposed to be useless. Some people figured out how to rewrite the flash storage and some of the associated chips to convince such devices that they were different entirely (different serial number, IMEI, etc.).

I suspect the latter is a more likely cause, especially since Apple took down their Activation Lock checker a while back since people were using it to find out if a given serial number was valid.

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Was made at the C0 factory about a week and half after I placed my order at Adorama.

Yeah. C0, C2, and C3 appear to be very common origins for Intel Macs (iMacs, Mac minis, and MacBook Pros especially). I think what’s come to me as a surprise in this exercise is I’ve learnt some BTO/CTO Intel units over the last decade, depending on when they were made (i.e., peak periods?) and where they were headed, were assembled in either the U.S. (not yet sure which city) or in Cork, Ireland. Reading reports of people with 2015-era iMacs with “Ireland” or “USA” instead of the usual PRC plants of C0, C2, or C3 makes me wonder if those will be treated as either future curiosities or novelties.
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Original poster

I’m still adding new factory location entries to Table 1 on the WikiPost. I’d forgotten how white brick Power adapters and MagSafe/MagSafe 2 adapters have the serial nestled inside the crook (where one can either connect the short adapter head or the long AC cord). This is how I came across a rare entry for Apple manufacturing in India (Y5).

I’m also posting a bump to remind y’all to look at the serial prefixes on your Apple stuff — pretty much all of it! — and to post about it here if you don’t see it yet on the above list!


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Nov 22, 2019
My iPod Video (aka 5th gen iPod Classic) has a serial that starts with 4X, which I can’t find on the chart, and was made on the last week of 2005.


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Mar 24, 2010
My hope with this thread is some of y‘all, next time you’re taking apart or looking at some of your Apple gear, you can check your serials (especially for peripherals like mice, trackpads, keyboards, iSight firewire, AirPort cards, old iPods, OEM batteries, and so on!) and report on what you find — especially so for the “AA” portion of serials, coupled with the stated country of manufacture. :)
I have a ton of Apple stuff and want to help! Where do we get the country of manufacture, if it's not already in the table? I have a few things I just peeked at that weren't on there, but I wouldn't want to add them without knowing the country first.

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I have a ton of Apple stuff and want to help! Where do we get the country of manufacture, if it's not already in the table? I have a few things I just peeked at that weren't on there, but I wouldn't want to add them without knowing the country first.

I would love your help! :)

With the serial of the item, there is typically an “assembled in _____” or “made in _____” somewhere on the product label/imprint. This is what I relied on when starting this list.

There are lots of factories where the country is known, but the city/factory is not. For those, I’m keeping them broad in the first table until we learn more about the city. Some of the sources are relatively well known (like Apple’s factory in Cork, Ireland, EU being “CK” and, previously, “C”), whereas a lot of the factories in the People’s Republic of China become a lot tougher to pinpoint by city and/or factory due to a lack of manufacturing transparency on Apple’s behalf.

For starters, just have a look through what Apple stuff you have and see if the serial prefix is already on the first table. If not, feel free to add them below in a reply or, if you’re feeling up to it, add them to the WikiPost and leave an editing note as to what prefixes you added to the table.

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Update: a whole bunch of stuff is now filled in down to the city and factory details for several codes, including some corrections found along the way.

One source I’m now relying on for cross-checking other sources is Apple’s own Supplier List, which seems to be updated every year or so. These lists, via Archive-dot-org, appear to begin around 2013. Data prior to that remains tougher to pin down. A good case example: where in the U.S. were the Power Mac G5s assembled for the Americas market? Although those began with the G8 prefix, I’m still not sure where that was — other than it was likely from one of at least three places in California. Maybe.

It’s noteworthy how — so far — nothing from Apple is known to be manufactured anywhere in Africa and, much less importantly, nothing is known to have been assembled at any point in Canada. Of course, what the assembly information story doesn’t reveal is just how many of the raw materials for those assemblies elsewhere are very much being extracted out of Africa, often by hand and also under unregulated, harsh labour conditions.


Jan 1, 2018
Ok, so my PowerMac G4 350 - my first PPC mac back in 1999 when I bought it has two letters of the serial XB.. What does XB mean ?
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