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Discussion in 'Web Design and Development' started by Malfoy, Jul 1, 2008.

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    Ok I've done some forum searching and have found some posts that nip at the issue but nothing dedicated so I'm left with a few questions. I'm looking to get some dedicated hosting in the next few months for a web start up some friends and I are working on (In closed beta now, you guys will see it in a month or so :) ). I know we don't need the bandwidth or hardware now but I feel more comfortable spending more upfront now then having to do a server transfer later on down the road when we finally need the extra hardware/software/etc. I'm even considering colocation since some places charge less a month for colocation than for dedicated hositng then there is just the upfront server costs which I'd be ok with since I'm investing in the future. Also, I'm looking to spend no more than $250 a month.

    Anywho through my search of various forums and I've came across these:

    I also came across hostway and 1 or 2 others I can't think of.

    Anywho a few quetions:

    1. Is 1 gb of ram standard for dedicated web servers? When I check out the specs, most seem to have that. processors choices all seem to hover around dual core which I'm fine with.

    2. Any other hosting providers that are good I'm possibly missing?

    3. Most of the hosts have the services I need, but specifically I'm looking for PHP/MySQL, some sort of cpanel, phpmyadmin, the usual.

    4. Are the above services faster than dreamhost?:eek: I'm using them now and I need more speed.

    5. Has anyone forgone dedicated hosting altogether in favor of colocation initially?

    Hopefully these questions are specific enough and haven't been asked a million times and I just missed them. :eek:
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    Have you tried I would lease a dedicated server, not colo, its really not worth it, unless its for legal reasons you MUST own the hardware, and no one can touch the machine except you.

    The Planet is a pretty big company, I have toured their Dallas Colo Facility. They are just smart enough to stay in business. Thats saying a lot in the dedicated hosting business. They also actively try to keep spammers off their network.
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    1GB of RAM is fine for a headless server that is not running a graphical user interface and only running Apache and a DBMS with a very light load. If anything will drive your RAM requirements it is the DBMS server But if the DBMS is only seeing one transaction every few seconds that is a light enough load that any hardware can keep up.
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