Deducting data off o2 even when on wifi

Discussion in 'iPad' started by Macs4u, Nov 23, 2010.

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    Hi, could someone help me with this?

    I have a 3G iPad and am on o2. If im at home it automatically logs on to my wifi so shouldn't use the 3G as it doesn't with my iPhone. Why is it then that even thou i don't have 3G signal at home so it cant be accessing 3G that i surf the net and it ducts from my o2 data allowance. I just went on tvcatchup and was running perfectly so obviously using my wifi but when i went into settings, cellular network and view account it had deducted 2mb from my allowance? Do i really have to turn cellular off until i need it outside?

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    Call O2 to ask about this as it shouldn't happen. They'll tell you to call Apple so you should probably call them too.

    My experience has been similar in that in my second ever month of having some 3G sent to my iPad from O2, midway through the month I got a warning that I'd used all my bandwidth and yet as far as I was concerned I'd only really used it out of WiFi when on the train, and that was only for emails and RSS feeds and stuff. I declined to buy some more there and then as I felt there was something up. Anyway, a week or so later I turned 3G back on just to see if it would lock me out and it didn't. I checked my account and I hadn't accidentally bought any more airtime, but it said I'd only used a few megs.

    So I suspect something isn't quite right.

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