Deep Hibernation

Discussion in 'macOS' started by supercooled, Dec 8, 2008.

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    Taking hibernation to the next step. I noticed tonight when I powered on my MBP that I had forgot about a week ago. My indicator light was no longer flashing (the LED located near the latch)and I thought I had shut it down but when I plugged in the magsafe and pressed the power button, the screen showed Safari and what website I was visiting last but the only difference was everything was snowed out. Monochrome with a light haze effect cast over the screen and there was a bar similar to the volume/brightness bar. It was lighting up, sort of indicating that it was 'warming' up and after about 10 seconds, the screen came into full vivid colours.

    Has anyone experienced this?


    safe sleep.

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    its whats you think it is. Deep Sleep or 'Hibernation' as its more known as. by default MacBooks also save the RAM contents to disk when they go into normal sleep so if the battery dies the contents can be written back to RAM and be right where you left off.

    you can also make your MacBook only sleep normally and not write contents to disk or even set Deep Sleep as the default
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    Or with this select the preferred sleep mode:

    Also have it automatically decide if it should use one method or the other depending on the battery charge.

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