Deep scratch mark on iPad screen

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  1. Artmuzz, Feb 5, 2011
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    Artmuzz macrumors 6502

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    About a couple of weeks ago I showed my brother my iPad as he was thinking of buying one himself. Anyway while he was looking at it my 4 year old niece had her face over the screen and her neckless was dangling on the screen. My brother gave her into trouble telling her that she could scratch the screen by doing that. Anyway I was meaning to check my iPad to see if the screen did scratch and just last night to my horror while cleaning the screen I seen a 1 cm long deep scratch mark. I don't know if it is coincidence but I'm wondering if the scratch was caused by my niece dangling her necklace two weeks before or if the scratch was caused by me carrying it all the time in a soft case in my backpack where I have wires and PSU adaptor in my backpack too. Surely the soft iPad case would protect the screen even with no screen protector.:confused:
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    Strongly doubt a dangling necklace of a 4 year old would have caused a scratch like that, unless it was a diamond or some kind of carbide? Having more than a devious member in the family myself it would more likely be the bigger one did the damage and is hiding behind the little one.

    Try posting a picture of the scratch and there may be a few people here who will know the amount of force required to cause a scratch of its type.
  3. Artmuzz, Feb 5, 2011
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    If I can remember the necklace was metal/silver with a flat metal star pendant.

    To describe it in more detail the scratch can be felt with my nail and it is noticeable when bright colours are showing on iPad screen.

    Here is the pic...

    Sorry the focus isn't great because I am using iPod Touch 4G which unfortunately has fixed focus :(
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    That doesn't sound like it would cause that type of scratch. even if the necklace had a sharp edge to it, the scratch would most likely have had a random swirling type pattern. For it to be so precise yet quite deep sounds like the screens had something caught against it without realising and what ever was caught has been scraped against the glass before being dislodged.

    Not sure if glass polish or scratch repair fluid will help, could even damage the screen further. I haven't tried cerium oxide on an ipad glass yet, although it is what's normally used to polish and remove deep scratches from glass. probably better left to experienced users.

    Neither have I figured formula apple use for there oleo-phobic coating, sometimes these coatings themselves can be applied in several layers and can be built up and fill in the scratch.

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