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  1. Alex Aperio Lux, Mar 13, 2013
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    Alex Aperio Lux macrumors newbie

    Mar 12, 2013
    Let me introduce to you the deepClock - analogue clock for Mac by Aperio Lux

    deepClock doesn’t burden the desktop with unnecessary information.
    The program just displays a beautiful and unique clock on your Mac’s desktop.



    With deepClock you can choose 1 of 15 beautiful clock style and 1 of 8 calendar style.
    Styles are available in 6 different sizes and they will look great on any display.

    Also with deepClock you can customize Clock:
    • Hide hour hand
    • Hide minute hand
    • Hide second hand

    and Calendar:
    • Show background
    • Show day of week
    • Show month

    What are the main differences of deepClock?
    "Events" will allow you to not forget anything important and necessary. deepClock notify you of an event visually using a pop-up windows as well as a special sound. You can select the sound to your liking from the three offered in the program. deepClock will help you in everyday life and in business or in education.

    In deepClock provides the ability to configure for the Clock and Calendar to one of the following position:
    • Standart position - the usual situation in which the Clock is under the active window.
    • Keep on top - Clock are always on top of other active windows, even in full screen mode (As example you can always watch clock even if you in Safari Fullscreen).
    • Freeze on Desktop - Clocks are fixed on the desktop. This function is very useful because you always have access to files and folders that are located on your desktop and you do not need to move the clock, for what would have access to them.
    In addition to this you can activate the setting "Show in all spaces".

    Transparent Clock and Calendar
    You can turn Clock (Calendar) transparent when cursor moves over it.

    deepClock has been translated on 7 language such as: US English, German, Russian, French, Japanese, Ukrainian, Italian
    Translations were made ​​by professional translators and native speakers.

    Price of deepClock: Just only $0.99 (or equivalent in other currencies)

    Current Version: 1.6.3

    Read more detail on website: deepClock
    Buy from Mac App Store: Mac App Store Link
    More screenshots in Press Kit: deepClock Media Kit

    If you have any question or suggestion please in this topic or by email on Contact Page
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    Mar 12, 2013
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  4. Alex Aperio Lux thread starter macrumors newbie

    Mar 12, 2013
    deepClock updated to version 1.6.3

    • Fix minor bugs
    • Fix Italian localization
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