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Sep 19, 2009
Hi all,

So yesterday I unboxed my new retina MBP. I love love love this machine...

However, since I am also a big Linux user, I kinda miss autofocus, so on my Macs I always have turned focus follows mouse on for Terminal. Unfortunately, it isn't working. I've tried all the the possible permutations of command I can find, including the one that works fine on the Mavericks install I have on a partition on my old MBP. Doesn't work.

If I look at the property list, it shows a new field called FocusFollowsMouse, but this field is removed the instant Terminal is relaunched. What am I missing? Various searches turned up nothing.



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Jun 7, 2013
Yep.. I second iTerm2. For any Unix/Linux/Solaris person/admin/etc that likes a really good term with focus follows mouse and a lot of other features.


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Jul 21, 2010
Anyone have a general FocusFollowsMouse tool for Mac OS X yet? I also miss that feature, after using it in Linux and then WinXP (via an MS PowerToy - yeah what a name).
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