Defective ipod touch (bad wifi)

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by rexriddim, Mar 2, 2010.

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    Mar 2, 2010
    I ordered an ipod touch (8GB, 3G) from the apple store exactly two weeks ago. First thing that I found suspect, the unit was shipped in from China. The second suspect thing is the wifi does not work. This product is advertised as being wi-fi capable, and yet all I could muster in a strong wifi zone is one bar. What the **** is happening to Apple? There is no word that can accurately describe my frustration. Here I patiently wait for years, put a lot of thinking into purchasing an ipod touch (I'm not an impulse buyer) and I get an item that is defective. The thing that I find very offensive about Apple is that they post a clear phone number to call this issue in. Great customer service, Apple! This is like living in France. An American company should do better than reroute you to their FAQs. I've been reading some of the possible issues and all I see is 'router this,' 'router that.' Little consideration seems to be given to the fact, perhaps the all-mighty ipod touch is just flawed. My colleague at work has an identical unit and she's cruising at two and three bars (sits 5 feet away from me). What can I do about this? Any suggestions?

    Thanks a lot

    Rex Riddim

    PS: what makes me so mad is the time I have to spend to remedy these errors, get knowledge on it, then interact with the manufacturer.
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    I understand your frustration. I would simply call Apple and either schedule an appointment or mail it back if you're not nearby a store. Fortunately you're still within your warranty period.
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    Many, most, or all Apple products are made in China, and AFAIK everything ordered from the Apple Store is shipped from there.

    Make sure you're connecting to the same wireless network that your colleague is. If the settings are the same and you can't connect, maybe your unit is defective. Easiest thing to do is take it to an Apple Store and hopefully they'll replace it on the spot.

    Sounds like you had some bad luck.
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    Have you tried to reset the network settings?

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