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    Thanks to airforce... I'm sorry if this isn't the right place, but everybody needs an explanation :D

    snappy |ˈsnapē|
    adjective ( snappier , snappiest ) informal
    1 irritable and inclined to speak sharply; snappish : anything unusual made her snappy and nervous.
    2 cleverly concise; neat : snappy catchphrases.
    • neat and elegant : a snappy dresser.
    make it snappy be quick about it : into bed and make it snappy!
    snappily |-pəlē| |ˈsnøpəli| adverb
    snappiness |ˈsnøpin1s| noun
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    Mar 17, 2004
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    The whole snappy thing was a joke from WAAAY back when people complained about how Windows is snappier because OS X has too much animation, making it seem slower.

    Yes it's old, yes it's tiresome, yes it's stupid, and yes the people who persist to play the joke are failures at life.
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    If it's that old let's NEVER mention it again!

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