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Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by 337894, Jul 24, 2010.

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    Jul 8, 2009
    Hey guys, so apparently, my unboxing of my iMac 21.5" (yes, I'm the geeky) seems to be interlaced. The source video AND the exported video is interlaced.

    So to give some background on my situation, I previously used my Acer Aspire 3680 with Free AVCHD Converter to convert all of my .mts files to .mp4 files. Everything worked fine and considering my laptop was too weak to do movie editing, I just uploaded the .mp4 video up to video with no special effects. At that time, I believe that I used 60i to film my videos.

    I use a Canon HG20 to film all of my videos.

    However, now that I've switched to the Mac, I have a much more powerful machine and I'm able to edit my YouTube videos onto iMovie (I plan to move onto FCE to get into actual amateur films later on in the next month or so), I've edited everything in iMovie '09.

    So the main problem is that when I finished editing everything, I exported everything using the "Export Using Quicktime" feature and once it finished, it had interlacing (not too pretty). Shocked, I looked it up and found a solution on Google and found that I should use the "deinterlace source footage" feature of iMovie. Great, but soon, after I found out, it still had the same effect. Turning back to Google, I tried another solution which was to export the regular way, using iMovie. Great, tried that (and it took 15 minutes compared to an hour to convert everything) and still, I have the SAME problem.

    This has become a large headache for me, and does anybody out there have a free plugin or links to any free software to deinterlace my video? Also, why am I having this problem on my Mac when I didn't have it on my PC? Just seems really weird. Do I have to upgrade to FCE to get the deinterlacing filter ?

    All help is appreciated. Thanks guys!
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    Oct 9, 2007
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    Try this FREE program. Google it and it should help you out. It is a great tool.

    JES Deinterlacer
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    Nov 5, 2009
    iMovie has pretty bad deinterlacers, and JES deinterlacer is pretty outdatted, so produces noticeably bad results as well. From what I know of, Handbrake and Avidemux both use Yadif, which is the best deinterlacer you'll be able to get for osx in a free program. Yadif uses both and intra field and temporal field motion prediction deinterlacer with interpolation to smooth out edges and make them look close to original-- it also doesn't tax your cpu that much. However, you can't edit your video that much in handbrake (avidemux gives more filters, and the ability to parse,splice etc so I'd recommend avidemux) Both free programs also give the option for high profile x264, so your vids will look good even at lower bitrates.

    Of course, if you want the best deinterlacers out there, you'd have to have windows. Avisynth on windows provides MCbob and TempGaussMC, which are motion compensated deinterlacers. People usually combine tempgaussMC with NNEDI (edge directed interpolation) to create real crisp images after deinterlacing-- you can basically take a 30i movie and make it into 60p with mcbob or tempgaussmc. (bob means it double the frames with each interlaced field)
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    Hey timmy, what's your YouTube channel? I'm curious to see your new baby! ;) Final Cut Pro is a professional-grade movie creator for the Mac. Have you tried it?
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    Jul 8, 2009
    Sorry for the late, 2 day reply! My YouTube channel is iSpinify and there have been a lot of comments saying that I should've waited a few days. Either or, I love my iMac!

    As far as FCP goes, I've always known that. I haven't tried FCP or the FCS suite yet, but I have basic knowledge of it. I've been thinking of getting FCE, but Apple hasn't updated it in nearly 2 years!!!

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