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  1. OceansTech123 macrumors newbie

    Apr 21, 2015
    The funniest Dekh Bhai:) meme creator app developed by Oceans Technologies.

    Dekh Bhai Memes right on your fingertips.
    Make your own Dekh Bhai Meme smooth and fast using Official Dekh Bhai Creator App.

    Indian people usually use this word "dekh bhai","dekh bahen" ,"dekh Pagli","Dekh Beta" etc..So here we Presenting "dekh bhai cerator " app to you for an ultimate fun.

    You can create various kind of memes by using funniest smileys like "dekh behna","dekha pagli". We can also generate funny memes along with rahul gandhi, arvind kejriwal, narendra modi, rajnikant, obama, M.s.dhoni, Virat Kohli smileys by using Dekh Bhai Creator app. Kill your boredom by creating lots of new and mind blowing memes from this funniest app.

    These are the some of the features that we offer in our app:
    1. Now you can make your own smileys
    2. Now you can also select pictures in background
    3. You can also select from pre-made posters form templates
    4. Number of smileys/emoji's to select from
    5. You can choose text fonts from number of fonts provided
    6. Quick meme Generator
    7. Social Sharing Option within the app of all meme generated

    You can get this app at Google Play Store as well as at App Store for free.......Below is the link for our amazing app:

    If you are looking for the Dekh Bhai meme creator app then without wasting your time just download it and enjoy exploring different memes.:cool:

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  2. kevinjohnson20 macrumors newbie

    Apr 20, 2015
    Great and funny smiley it looks like and I really like it. What an amazing creature it is. I mean the way we can modify that smiley that's really an amazing thing.

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