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    In my office we have 5 macs on our desktops (all different, this one's a Mac Pro, there's a G4, a couple of eMacs and an Intel iMac), all connected to a G4 server and sharing data on a network hard disk.

    Everything works fine except that in the last couple of weeks a problem has arisen whereby when you click a folder on a network drive to view it in the finder, there is a pause before the contents are shown, of between 5-10 seconds.

    This doesn't sound much and it doesn't happen every time you select a folder, but if you're browsing through a lot of files it gets very boring indeed.

    Anyone have any idea what the problem might be? Could a permissions repair help perhaps?

    Thanks for your help
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    Dec 3, 2006
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    Both the Mac Pro (early 2008) and Macbook Pro in my studio do this... I read somewhere that it might be a 'known issue' between Mac OS X and Windows Server 2003.

    If the issue is the same one, the solution involves getting your Windows system admin to change a setting in the W2K3 security settings that allows data to be sent to and from the Macs without encryption.

    I've got my IT guys working on the problem at the moment - will post back if I get any joy.

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