Delayed e-mails/SMS?

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    I switched from T-mobile to AT&T a few months ago to get the iPhone 3GS, and noticed a few odd things...first, when I check my mail in the mail app, sometimes it will show me that I have 0 new e-mails, but an hour later it will show me messages that have been sent a while ago (i.e., I just checked my mail right now at 1:45 PM EST, and it gave me "new" e-mails from 1PM and 12:40 PM...when I checked back then, it didn't deliver them). I suppose this is because of AT&T's crappy network?

    Also, my friends and I receive breaking news SMS from CNN. We would get them at the same time when I had T-mobile since they also have T-mobile, but now that I have AT&T, I get the messages about 10 minutes after my friends do. Is that also because of the crappy network or is it the iPhone???

    If its the network, then AT&T sucks!!!!! :mad:
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    Jun 30, 2010
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    sorry i have no idea. i asked apple about something similar to this. I asked them that my 3G speed is slower than normal. I even started a thread about it. But they told me that that is the problem of AT&T and not theirs. call apple care and ask them for help. if you don't know the number it is:

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