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Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by SChaput, Jul 22, 2008.

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    I know there are ways on computers to delay an email message being sent, i was wondering if there is, or possibly could be any app like this on the iphone that enables you to send a text message at 5:00 pm. or in "25 Minutes".
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    Jun 9, 2008
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    Some online To Do services can send SMS or e-mail messages as reminders, and possible to different people than just you. Look for one that focuses on sharing tasks with others. And it's possible on the iPhone because of these apps sync with the online database, which can send the message out anytime.

    Like with ReQall app, I do a Voice note, which I speak the date and time, and my online account is set to send me a reminder via e-mail or SMS, which includes the voice message converted to text and with e-mails, attaches the original recording. ReQall has the ability to share with other people (third page in the app), specifically by speaking their name in the message. But I'm not sure if that other person needs an account or not. Even if you don't have your iPhone app, you can call their number and make the voice recording there. Not sure if it auto connects to your account by voice recognition.

    Also, check out Zenbe, they have a free to do app and they focus on sharing, but I don't know much about their way of sending e-mail reminders to others:

    EDIT: The Zenbe list only has days for due time, not hours. And for reminders, don't know if there are any. But once you setup a list of items, you can click share, which will send it to any e-mail you want. That person can gets a link to click and see the entire list without an account, and they can check things off, or add things, which will show up on your iPhone when you sync.

    EDIT 2: With ReQall, I can add people to your list, but they won't officially be available until those people sign up, which it offers to send out an invite if you want to. If the people are in your list, the typed or recorded message can be sent to their account, which they may have their settings set for SMS or E-mail reminders for as little as 15 minutes before or days before (global setting). Also, learning the keywords, just mentioning the name could include the other person.

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