Delete a transition in iMovieHD?

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by Anonymous Freak, Nov 8, 2005.

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    Well, I've created an iMovie that's full of transitions, effects, and titles. Now I have a problem that I found a typo in one of the titles, and I want to go back and change it. One problem, it's in a clip that has a transition, and trying to delete the transition crashed iMovie. (A nice generic 'The application iMovieHD quit unexpectedly.') This is with iMovie 5.0.2 on OS X 10.4.3, on two separate computers. (The two in my .sig)

    Short description: So, to start from the beginning, I have a 'source' clip. I then added a title to this clip (Music Video style.) Then I used the 'slow' function to slow the clip to 1/3 normal speed. Finally, I transitioned from this clip to the next clip with a 1 second-long dissolve. (The next clip has the same type of title and slow done to it, only with different text.)

    Excrutiatingly long description: This clip has no transition leading in (although there is a clip before it,) and the clip following has no transition leading out. (So these two clips could be considered to be a single group that could theoretically be taken separately from the rest of the movie.) Trying to remove a similar transition from similar clips in the movie also fails. (The movie consists of 20 clips from DV, each of the 20 with the same type of title, each with the same 1/3 slowdown, paired up with a dissolve transition between the pairs. The clips are in groups of four, with a black intro text at the beginning of each group, a fade from black into the first clip, followed by two transitioned clips, two more transitioned clips, a third set of transitioned clips, and a clip that fades to black, then a 'postscript' text. Then the cycle starts again, five groups like this in a row.

    Anyone have any ideas? (I COULD theoretically re-import the offending section off the tape again, but each of the two 'clip-lets' that are transitioned together is part of a seamless flow. (So the first clip is a seamless continuation from the prior clip, the second clip continues seamlessly into the following clip.) It would be hard to get them re-done to the exact frame again.
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    Aww I felt sorry for you when you said that no one responded to this... Hope you've figured it out after five years. :)

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