Delete files inside firmware backup?

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    Hi. Let's just say if you saw my previous thread about Hipstamatic you'd understand why I need to do this but anyhow.

    Basically I was looking through my backups and I was looking within the folders where there are like 3520583920 different individual files and I noticed some of those files that appeared to just be generic with names with jumbled letters, when you use Quick Look you can see if it's a picture or not by the preview, if it's a picture it shows a preview of the picture.

    Basically I was wondering if I were to delete any one of these files would the backup become corrupted? It's a folder so I assume there are some dynamic changes to it rather than it just being a bundle that you could look through (unless it is...), if I could do this and still keep the backup itself intact without it becoming corrupted or anything just in case I need it in the future that would be awesome, because I really want to get rid of some files/pictures that I guess stay on the phone (which then get's backed up) even if you delete them from your phone, which in this case I deleted from an application that decided to keep the whole image on the device in the file system for lord knows how long.
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    Yes, I dont think you can edit backup files.

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