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    So, I have a sad situation. My daughter pasessed away about 5 years ago. She previously bought many songs using the iTunes account that is shared with my wife and I. Now when we tap on Music -> Artists on our iPhones we see the Artists/songs that our daughter purchased. It just hurts and I want to delete them.

    I have iTunes on two pcs and we have 2 iPads, 2 iPhones that we use and 2 old iPhones that are used only as iPods around the house. We use the same Apple ID for music, movies and app purchases.

    If I open iTunes on the pc and delete the songs, select remove from library and then sync will that stop the songs from showing up? I'm not sure it will as the iPhone is showing all songs purchased with the iTunes account. Is there a way to permanently remove them?
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    I found that if I delete the song from iTunes or the Music app on my iPad then the songs are deleted from all devices. When I go to Artists I no longer see that Artist/Music.
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    Sorry for your loss.

    I'd like the same thing for different reasons fortunately. Stuff I delete sill shows up in purchased
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    Sorry for your loss, too.

    You can hide iTunes purchases, so they don't show (but you could unhide them in the future). Here's how to do it:

    It's super easy once you learn how to do it. I use it a lot - and when I want to unhide a song or an album, I go to my account and do it on "Hidden purchases".

    Hope this helps

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