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    Apr 30, 2009
    Quick rundown: iPad2 running iOS6.

    When it was purchased, I had no use for iCloud yet as iPad was only device I owned supporting it.
    Have since upgraded to ML on iMac, and gotten two iPhones.

    As a result, iPad was originally sync via iTunes to mac for calendar, contacts, etc. I remember the duplicate data warning when I did this and thought "no bid deal I can remove it later." Now I wonder.

    Now, each device has a separate iCloud account as well as sync to the "Master iCloud" account from the Mac. Works okay so far.

    My problem is the iPad2 has all this information on it I do not want. Mainly I have a ton of duplicate contacts. A set under "iCloud" and another under "From my Mac" which is from the older (non-iCloud) iTunes sync. A similar problem occurred with Calendar, but I was able to get rid of the duplication by deleting each calendar under "From my Mac". That was easy because their were only 5.

    The contacts is a mess, and cannot be done this way easily, as there are hundreds of duplicates, and worse the duplicates are "unified", which means to delete the contact kept under "From my Mac" there are about 10 button pushes required to actually delete the contact.

    Unchecking sync contacts for the iPad in iTunes is stopping further duplication, but the "From My Mac" contacts remain on the iPad.

    I cannot find anywhere on the iPad that removes all "From My Mac" Data.
    Do I really have to unlink each unified contact one by one and delete the iTunes synced one's manually?

    My suspicion is the answer is yes, short of reset the iPad and starting from scratch. Please tell me I'm wrong?
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    Apr 30, 2009
    Many views and no answers. I took that as a yes.

    My fix was to remove the iCloud sync of Contacts to the iPad, which deleted them, leaving me with only the "From my Mac" contacts.

    I did this to remove unified info (to save me several button pushes to unlink them prior to deletion).

    And then that's what I did, deleting every contact one at a time.

    Then, I enabled iCloud for Contacts again. What a PITA. But it did work.

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