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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by ClarkeB, Apr 8, 2008.

  1. ClarkeB macrumors 6502


    Jan 24, 2005
    Hey! I was just trying to drag video to my iPod touch and it went through, but it was an avi file and went into the "Other" category. Is there any way to delete this without restoring?

  2. ClarkeB thread starter macrumors 6502


    Jan 24, 2005
    Any help? Anybody? Why is there no Finder option for looking at files on the iPod touch (especially if iTunes lets you drag whatever you want into purgatory on your device)?
  3. Resist macrumors 68030

    Jan 15, 2008
    I am not sure how you dragged and dropped a video file on your Touch. I thought it had to be sync'd to do that. I also don't understand this "other" category. Are you saying that in the Video icon you see an "other" heading?
  4. LeahM macrumors 6502a


    Mar 18, 2008
    if you take the files out of itunes and then sync it, it'll delete the songs that aren't in your library. At least thats how I understood it work. Worth a try.
  5. ClarkeB thread starter macrumors 6502


    Jan 24, 2005
    I just dragged it from Finder into my iPod through iTunes. I manually manage my iPod versus having iTunes do it.


    I can't even muster up the energy to email Apple. I've already complained so much about this product (the update screen that refused to go away and eventually locked me out of my iPod, constant restarts) and they don't seem to do much help. Last time I buy an Apple product on release day. :(
  6. mletemps macrumors newbie

    Feb 19, 2009
    well actualli i have 3.4 GIGS
    yes GIGABYTES of other data on my 2.1 jailbroken 1g 32gig ipod
    someone please help me get rid of it plz
  7. Sasuke-chan macrumors member

    Feb 4, 2009
    Hi, I am actually a total noob regarding how the ipod touch works.

    So if you sync your ipod touch with, say a friend's computer, then everything will be deleted from your ipod touch? Isn't that like... super lame? Why do they have such a stupid feature?

    Another thing is that... we can't delete files that we put on the ipod touch?

    Sorry for asking such basic questions.. but I'm really confused.
  8. Ivan P macrumors 68030

    Ivan P

    Jan 17, 2008
    If it isn't going away then you may have to restore, then it will sync freshly from your library.

    And just for future reference, remember that AVI files can't be played on any iPod :)
    The "Tech Specs" part of Apple's iPod touch web page lists the video formats that are compatible.
  9. nickmybabe macrumors newbie

    Jul 15, 2009
    Me too

    I don't know what happened to my ipod touch 2G, I left it charging and went to sleep last nigh, before turning off the monitor, everything is ok, the iPod touch menu was in the iTunes and everything was just like normal.
    But when I got up this morning, it said that my ipod cannot sync, some errors.. since I want to put some videos to it, I close iTunes and reopen it, but the same thing happens, so I disconnect my iPod then reconnect it, but all my music, videos (TV SHow, MVs) playlists are gone to Other... Now Other is 8.72Gigs... what can I do about it????

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  10. spammy9876 macrumors newbie

    Dec 22, 2010
    I had 1.5 GB of other data on my iPod and backing up and restoring worked like a charm. Now I only have 0.2 GB of other data. Backing up and restoring will not delete any game data. The other files are mostly "ghost apps" that have been deleted, just like when you empty not secure empty the trash and you can recover the files. The other data especially comes when you delete the apps from the iPod directly not via the computer.
  11. supermac96 macrumors 6502a


    Nov 3, 2010
    somewhere over the rainbow
    In case you havn't noticed, this threads from 2008! why is it here?
  12. derekKinny macrumors newbie

    Dec 28, 2010
  13. mfriedl1 macrumors newbie

    Mar 24, 2011
    How does this tool solve the problem?
  14. Brucewl macrumors 6502


    Sep 15, 2010
    Only about 170M Other? I got about 1G and I don't know how to delet it.
  15. SajidApple macrumors newbie

    Apr 24, 2011
    Figured It All Out!

    Hey guys, i figured it all out! if you want to remove all Other, before you sync, download all the apps you dont have on your computer that you have on your iPod, and then plug it in and sync! its all gone! :)
  16. Brucewl macrumors 6502


    Sep 15, 2010
    I don't know why but my "Others" grows to 1.3G...

    And here one method to reduce it, but I don't know whether it can be 100% work for all of iPod device.

    1. opne /var/mobile/Media and find "itunes_control", if there is "itunes_control2", delete it. And then check "Others". If nothing happened, go to next one.

    2. find "Music" in "itunes_control", and delete all of folders in "Music" and sync your music and movie again.
    Note: please resync your music and movie
  17. nyhunter77 macrumors newbie

    May 28, 2011
    Other files on Ipad

    I too see that the other files has grown, especially on the ipad.

    It used to be around .8 gigs and could be lowered a little by unplugging the ipad at backup at sync and forcing it to re-verify itself.

    Now that doesn't work anymore.

    The iPhone is acceptable with .68 gigs in "other files" but I want to get the other files under a gig on the ipad. I feel it's taking way too much space.

    No one really seems to have a good way any longer to get that down, any ideas?


  18. x13gamer macrumors regular


    Oct 27, 2006
    Pure Michigan
    I might have you all beat.

    I have 9.1 gigs and I have what seems like nothing on there. I am looking now for a solution.

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  19. ComputerGuyNJ macrumors newbie

    Feb 11, 2012

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