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Apr 6, 2017
The biggest danger you could face is being charged for illegal waste disposal. Which I hope will happen at some point.
I don't litter, like at all. Even if I finish a cigarette I literally hold it around till I find a trash can or sometimes just wait till I get home. But yeah I guess that was probably not the best choice.


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Jan 23, 2017
Was FileVault enabled in OS X? If so, even if the drive's physical damage can be fixed, unless someone has every computer made in history (and several billion years of processing time, or someone has secretly invented a full-scale error-correcting quantum computer [which they likely store next to the hidden fusion reactor and flux capacitor in a PODS storage locker inside the building where the moon landing was filmed & aliens are kept as prisoners]), it is unlikely they will get very far because they will be recovering encrypted data.

Even if it is not, someone might have to spend as much money on stealing your data as they would buying a car (data recovery when physical damage is stupidly expensive - and SSD data recovery with physical damage can be even stupiderly expensive.) Unless you have extremely sensitive/classified information on that drive or are being targeted by domestic or foreign governments, and someone knows that, 1) that drive has this sensitive/classified data, and 2) a random drive they found belongs to you, I don't see someone spending automotive money on this.

Further, as FileVault is enabled by default, the realization that the drive is likely encrypted is even more discouraging to someone contemplating spending massive financial and time resources on something with an already low probability of success on a project that, even if successful, might not yield any financially viable data (i.e., someone might be spending $20,000 only to get ahold of your iCloud photos and Excel spreadsheets.)


Cliff Notes Summary: I think you should be OK.
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