Deleted Messages Convo: possible to recover via iCloud sync?

Discussion in 'iOS 12' started by eoblaed, May 4, 2019.

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    My wife had a split conversation with a friend of hers. She was viewing this on her iPad. One half of the split conversation she couldn't tap on (a tap would briefly highlight, then go back to previous thread). The 'good' half of the split had the entire convo in it. I had her delete the bad half by swiping left on the convo ... and that deleted both halves; entire convo gone.

    Also gone on her MBP and her phone since they're all synced with iCloud for messages.

    But ... her iMac is not synced with iCloud. Right now, it has the entire conversation intact. Since it is now after the deletion event, if I turn on 'enable messages in icloud' on her iMac, I'm assuming it'll upload all those messages and things will be right again.

    Can anyone confirm?
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    I wouldn’t trust that notion. Since iCloud has them recorded as deleted when you merge the iMac version it might update that to delete also.

    If it was really recently she could try going to and see if there’s a hidden ‘recently deleted’ for messages that she could restore.

    She might have no choice but give up having those messages anywhere but her iMac and to be more careful what she deletes in the future
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    May 13, 2008
    I’ve been sending feedback to Apple about adding a Recently Deleted folder like they have in the Notes app, or a trash folder like they have in Mail. Some of my messages threads go back years and it’s way too easy to accidentally delete them by swiping.
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    If you login on the Mac, it will remove the messages. The point of using iCloud for this service is to make all devices look the same. The messages are gone for all intents and purposes.

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