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    Well, I guess the first thing to do is find out how it attaches to the MBP in the first place, then figure out how to convert that signel into something the MacPro can understand. If its on the USB controller, there might be some hope...
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    I think they still use the Broadcom BCM5974 (at least I know that the early multi-touch trackpads like the MBA did). This is the same chip used in the iPhone/iPod Touch.

    Check out the teardown pictures of the Air here:

    This is the most important bit:

    "We found a Broadcom BCM5974 touch screen controller chip on the interconnect board. This is the same chip you'll find in the iPhone and iPod Touch. This board also contains an SST 25VF020 Serial Flash chip. We think this chip is used as a buffer between the input devices and the main logic board. There are a few CYPRUS chips nearby, one of which we identified as
    the CY7C638 low-speed USB peripheral controller."

    So while it does eventually go to a USB interface, you have a challenge in front of you. I suspect that the last hop to the USB controller is from another chip on the logic board. If so, you would minimally need to buy both the board and the touch pad and a means of powering it... And you would probably have to do some pretty fancy soldering...

    But hey -- if you figure it out you will be a minor internet celebrity for a few days.:D
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