Deleting a Song From iCloud

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    Sep 3, 2009
    Okay, so I'm in sort of a weird situation. My father and I share iTunes accounts. This was probably a bad idea in the first place, but it's too late to undo this. He wanted to use iTunes Match, so I went ahead and got it for him. His music is mostly local, so it's all uploaded to iCloud and it works fine. However, the problem is I've bought a decent amount of music from iTunes myself, for my separate iTunes library. Since these are on the same account, however, they are now showing up on his phone and in his iTunes library thanks to iTunes Match. When I press delete on the songs (in his library) it gives me a message that these songs will be totally deleted from iCloud. Does this mean they'll no longer be associated with my iTunes account as purchases, and I'll never be able to download them again? Because I want to keep them for myself, but not have them show up in my dad's iTunes library.

    Please let me know if you have any ideas/solutions for this problem. Or if you even understand what I'm talking about. Thanks!

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