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    Hi there,

    I am not sure how I added four videos to a folder called Downloads (4 from my Mac) to my iPhone a long time ago. I want to delete the videos and the folder off my iPhone but it doesn't let me. I can't find the files in iTunes or iPhoto. Can someone explain to me how to do so? Thanks! I have attached a picture of the folder to this thread to show.

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    You probably synced this folder to your iPhone via iTunes. The only way to undo that is to change your iTunes sync settings (while connected to iTunes, find the Photos section of your iPhone's contents in iTunes). The most reliable way I've seen is to set iTunes to not sync any photos at all, that seems to clear them out. You could also try to sync to an empty folder, or a different one, but that does not always seem to remove existing pictures you've already synced.

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