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    Hi Guys,

    I have had a MobileMe and subsequently an iCould email for years. I have finally decided to fix the issue of emails deleting after 30 days in the trash and I am running into a few issues. I have created a folder called "Trash 2013", which will be my trash folder for 2013 (so I can save the emails for a year as opposed to a month).

    I have set my deleted messages location to "Trash 2013" on, and I have set my deleted mailbox to "Trash 2013" on my iPhone and iPad and set it to never delete messages. The only device I am having issues setting up is my computer. I see two options for trash under mailbox behaviors for my iCloud account: Move deleted messages to the Trash mailbox, and store deleted messages on the server, with an option for time to hold the emails (which I set to never). How can I set up the mail app on the mac to move my deleted messages to the "Trash 2013" folder, as I have set up on all of my other devices, and never delete them? Any help would be appreciated!
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    Not sure if this will work (it might transfer the auto delete after 30 days to the folder)

    Highlight the Trash 2013 folder
    Got to the Mailbox option at the top
    Then come down to 'Use This Folder For" and select Trash

    I have not tried this with a Trash folder, so you might want to try it on a folder that doesn't have important emails in (it might still delete after 30 days)

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