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    i'll try and make this to the point: from safari, i click on preferences>passwords. it is showing a number of relatives log-ins and i have no idea how they got there. btw, i am the ONLY one that uses this macbook pro. anyway, i tried deleting them (from safari and at the keychain, also) which i thought i accomplished-------only to have them return. i have done this numerous times only to have the same result. i am assuming the relative's log-ins are hiding somewhere else that has them keep showing up?

    anyone have an idea how i can delete these permanently?
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    ok, think i found what the deal was. i have been using safari for the past year or so----before that i used chrome. i checked the chrome settings and all the passwords i wanted to delete were also in chrome. i deleted them from chrome then went to check the keychain and they appear to be gone from there also. just never crossed my mind the passwords would be in chrome also. anyway, think that worked.
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    At one point in time, yes, Chrome did use Keychain for password saving. There was a big stink at the time that on Windows, Linux, Chrome did not encrypt the password file (Google's argument was along the lines of "if someone has access to your computer, you already have bigger issues").

    Today, not sure if they still store in Keychain. Or, to me, not seeing the option: the way I read it, it's using Google's cloud service to store passwords (edit: have turned off Google password saving in that I do no like that they also sync with Google's servers, just want them on my Mac, so, have not looked at if still saves via Keychain as well).

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