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    Sometimes when I delete content from my account, say, within the Pictures directory or even Documents directory, it will ask for my iMac password.
    Other times, it doesn't. I can't figure out what the denominator is, i.e. what causes it to ask sometimes and not others.

    Any ideas? Thanks
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    Is this the best method (found this in another forum)?
    Also, when booting into Recovery mode, my Magic Mouse doesn't work. Weird really...

    This sounds like a permissions issue.

    Reset permissions on your Home folder. Boot to your Recovery partition holding command + R keys from the Utilities menu Launch Terminal . In Terminal, type: resetpassword Then press Return. (Note: You will not be resetting password)

    Choose the icon for your Mac’s hard drive at the top. From the drop down below select your Home folder. At the bottom of the window Restore Home Directory Permissions and ACLs. Then, click the reset button. When the prompt returns to the command line, you can quit out of Terminal.
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    Yes. :)
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    This is a good tip! I wonder who posted that... someone knowledgable, clearly :D

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