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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by cassiepaige, Jan 15, 2011.

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    *I am not real sure if I posted this in the right area, please move if I didn't!*

    I got four Visa gift cards for Christmas to buy Applecare for my MBP. I had to use the gift cards to purchase two Apple Gift Cards since you can only use 2 credit cards per purchase.

    So, the gift cards were supposed to be delivered yesterday, and according to the FedEx tracking website they were. But they weren't delivered here. I was home at the time of "delivery" and didn't hear the doorbell or anything. I am guessing they were delivered to the wrong house, which scares me because some of my neighbors are crazy and probably wouldn't give back $265 in Apple Gift Cards.

    I called FedEx and they put a trace on them but I haven't heard from them since.

    So, what do I do? Call Apple and ask them to cancel the gift cards? Hound FedEx until they fix the problem?
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    Dec 10, 2008
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    First call Apple and report the card lost so that they can't make charges on it, and make sure they know that fedex delivered it to the wrong house. Then contact fedex to see if they can try and recover it.
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    It's not unusual for FedEx to drop packages at the wrong address especially if no signature was required. Recovering your packages won't be easy if your neighbors won't cooperate; you'd have to involve the police, which is not likely to do much good either.
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    They actually did that with the clutch kit for my car, about $900, i called them, and they followed up and tracked it down. got it next day, just call the number and they took care of it.

    thats about all you can do. If youve got neighbors with similar addresses that typically get your stuff, id call them, but thats about it.
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    I get a lot of deliveries from the Apple Online store via FedEx. I've had very good service over several years. Yet they're not perfect and did lose one of my packages. I called FedEx, they located it within one hour and delivered it to me late that evening. I'd call them back, giving them another opportunity. Especially since they do have a very sophisticated tracking process.

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