Delivery estimate for April 12th shipping date

Discussion in 'iPad' started by franmatt80, Mar 29, 2010.

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    Jan 11, 2010
    I've never ordered on the US online store before.... what is your best guess for a delivery date if my iPad is shipped on the 12th April? It's going to my parent's address in Florida and they are flying back on the 21st April to visit me. Do you think it likely that it will get to them in time - anyone with previous experience of this?

    Am hoping that if the iPads which are due to be delivered on the 3rd April are shipping as of today, it will just be a 5 day delivery window.... fingers crossed!

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    Apple tends to ship their new products out early and have UPS hold them until day of delivery which is what they are doing now. If you have one shipped after the 3rd it will get to you as soon as it can. It really depends where they ship your particular unit from (US or China) and the destination.
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    Oh great. I can just visualize what UPS is doing while they are "holding them".
    Yikes! :D

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    that is very funny

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