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Nov 13, 2015
Have a family member on my phone plan who has still been using an old flip phone. Wanting to do something nice for him, I ordered an iPhone from the online store with delivery date for today. The Fed Ex website indicated package left at front door at 2pm - no package at front door when checked at 2:15. I do not have another door that is easily accessible, but nonetheless I checked that door and nothing there either. Front door is secluded, and we are on private street. Checked with neighbors, no package and no one saw FedEx truck. Called Apple and Jeremy said investigation would be started, could take 5 days and FedEx would investigate as well. Within 30 minutes got email stating replacement sent and please return original (the one I never received). Called Apple again, this time speaking with Sharmi who said I should have been told investigations take up to 2 days and I should have been offered option of having replacement sent or cancelling order. That was never mentioned to me. I emphasized there is no phone to return and was told that is part of an automated email message. I said what happens if replacement comes and later the original one shows up - she said keep both of them, the replacement was sent as free. I would not do that, but could not believe that is what I was told. I asked for email confirmation of our conversation but was told that not possible. Someone from FedEx called, said driver finished for day and had shut off cell phone, could not be reached and message left. The whole experience has me confused. Has anyone had similar occurrence?


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Apr 17, 2017
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I hate FedEx because of this. Sometimes, it will show delivered and they will drop it off the next day. Sometimes, I am at home waiting for the package all day and as soon as it arrives they don't ring the doorbell and delivery has to be rescheduled for the following day or pick up at the facility.


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Oct 18, 2011
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And this is why I always request a "Hold for Pickup" whenever I order something so that I can just just pick it up at the Fedex Ship and Print Center when it's ready for pick up (typically same day it was scheduled, just directs it to them, no need for the missed attempt). Of course, this option isn't always available and depending on the shippers restrictions.

Typically if you order from Apple.com, they use both Fedex and UPS. If they use Saturday Delivery, it's definitely Fedex, at least in my area. Though it may have the shippers restriction but for me it the requests always goes through no matter what. Never had issues with this.

If you order it through the carrier online store, they typically do have shippers restriction and you can't place the hold for pick up until after the 1st attempt.