Delkin Sensor Scope system - follow up comments

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by AxisOfBeagles, May 21, 2008.

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    Apr 22, 2008
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    A little while back I asked for input on the Delkin Sensor Scope system. Got some positive feedback, and one specific comment (not positive_ about the little vacuum brush.

    I received my Delkin Sensor Scope system about a week ago, and ventured into the fearful territory of self-cleaning my camera's sensor. Actually, it was piece o' cake, and the tool worked fine. All the photo spots that had led me to this venture are now gone.

    Some comments:
    * For those considering doing this, it's easier than you might think. Care has to be taken not to damage the sensor, but it really is pretty easy.

    * The responder who commented about the little vacuum gizmo was right - it borders on useless. More - I suspect that more sensor damage could be done with that thing than with the swabs.

    * The sensor magnifier works great

    * The swabs work fine - but it took more than one cleaning for me to get the dust particles off that were causing the spots. Not a biggie - but worth noting.

    * It's not cheap ($150) - but it only akes a couple trips to the camera store to realize that if you're planning on years of DSLR usage, it's worth it.

    * Comes in a snazzy case!
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    Aug 26, 2004
    The only thing that is useful in the Delkin kit is the magnifier.

    The vacum is utter crap.

    Always examin the swab for inperfections.

    What you have to watch is that on the second pass that you sre not dragging grit or something and scratching the sensor.

    I recomend that you do the first pass check for dirt and then either clean the swab or use the clean end and then do the second pass.

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