Dell 2001FP and 2005FPW for $502


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Feb 27, 2005
Northern California
I saw this great price on both the Dell 2001FP and and Dell 2005FPW I thought I'd post it, since I still saving for mine. Limited to the first 3000 uses.

It the combination of these two coupons:

25% off Dell 2001FP & 2005FPW: ZLXBLQZZPZLXM$

$60 off $500 w/ Dell coupon code: CTK?G6$011KT2P

You just need to apply both these coupons at checkout.

Since this is limited I would probably buy it soon, because all 3000 uses will be used up soon.


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Feb 26, 2005
Land of Cleve
Wow! I am glad I came to Mac Rumos today! :) I ordered the 2005FPW 2 days ago for $598 shipped. I just canceled my order and bought again with the coupon for $534 shipped! Awesome! Thank you! :D :eek:
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