Dell 2007fpw or Samsung 19" LCD TV


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Apr 24, 2003
Hey gang,

I need some buying advice on an external monitor/tv solution. I'll be using this display with a Macbook Pro 17", component/svideo DVD player, and Nintendo Wii.

Primarily I need this display to be a quality TV capable of receiving standard (non digital) cable, play DVD's at high quality, and provide a quality gaming experince.

Secondarily I need this display to extend the desktop of my 17" macbook pro for Logic Pro use.

I have narrowed my options to these two displays:

Dell 2007 fpw 20" LCD, resolution 1600x1050 (same as the Macbook Pro)
Samsung 19" LCD TV, resolution 1440x900

After buying an Eye TV for the Dell to enable TV viewing, the prices on the two screen are pretty much the same.

Now I have a few questions regarding the use of each display:

1. How will DVD's look on the Dell through the SVideo connection?
2. Will the Wii look alirght on the dell?
3. How useable will the Samsung be as a second display considering it is 19" with a res of 1440x900? Will this provide some useable extra real estate for Logic Pro windows, or will the experince be so distracting I will be discouraged from using it?

4. Most importantly, when you examine the specs provided below and in the manual of the Samsung, you find out that the TV only accepts PC input through the VGA port, not the DVI port. How can the TV "know" the DVI port is being used for computer input vs some other source when the port is a standard DVI-D connector (the photos on the best buy site confirm this)? Would it be possible to use the DVI port since OSX automatically sets the resolution? If not, will the VGA port provide an adequate viewing experience when connected to the Macbook Pro?

Here are some links to the specs of the samsung:

Apple Corps

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Apr 26, 2003
Matt - I am using the SAMSUNG 19" SyncMaster 940 MW at this very moment. It is hooked up to an Intel Duo core Mac mini VIA DVI connection and has been a rock solid performer for the three months that I have used it.

Not a single dead / stuck pixel either. No experience on your other questions though.


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Apr 24, 2003
Many thanks for the reply! How do you find the 1440x900 resolution? Does it provide enough useable workspace?


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Jan 12, 2005
Houston, Tx
THe Dell has component inputs and can work as a television as well.
plus you get all the extra USB inputs

1. You will be able to hook the Macbook up directly to the DELL with the DVI cable - Svideo will limit the resolution
2. The Wii is not going to be high def but im Sure it will look damn good on any TV. I think Its the same resolution as the Gamecube.
3. The resolution of 1440x900 is more than adequate as a second display, the 17" powerbooks had that resolution and they were more than enough workspace. (Im used to the 1280x854 resolution of my 15" powerbook) I now use 2 20" displays at work and they are sometimes to MUCH!!

That Samsung is cheaper than the Dell: Ive seen it for $360ish with $80 rebates making the total cost around $280!!!
I think the dell is going for around 450, but if you can get your hands on a coupon code then you cant get it cheaper. Just google: Dell Coupons