Dell 24" - Best place to buy in UK?


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Oct 23, 2006
Hi guys,

I have decided I need more screen real estate.

Either I go with a MacBook Pro or an external monitor.

What would you advise?

Next question is - will my MacBook support the Dell monitor (24") to highest specs? :D

The Dell 24" is expensive ( and I wondered if getting an Hd TV would be a better option.

But for near that price, I can get a new iMac!

What about a HD TV? Can I use the DVI output from the MacBook to get good resolution?


Failing that, what do people think about me selling my MB and getting a MBP (15" or 17").

All thoughts and opinions welcome.

Many thanks!


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Mar 15, 2006
It all depends on how you intend to use your system. The combination of a MacBook and an external screen is good if you do most of yor work from a fixed location, while at the same time retaining the mobility of the smaller MB (compared to the MBP). Without knowing what your needs are, this is what I would recommend, as the monitor could also double as a TV, which I suspect you are already considering.

Your MacBook is able to run a screen with a resolution up to 1920x1200, regardless of the size in inches. This includes all types of HD TVs, but you might need a DVI to HDMI converter in addition to your mini DVI to DVI converter. However, personally I would not use a TV as a monitor, as I find the pixels to be too large, and the screen brightness too high. But this is probably just a personal preference, and I'm sure there are plenty of people running HD TVs as monitors.


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May 5, 2007
Overclockers - you're getting good price and 4 years warranty (next business day exchange:)

damn! Now Im tempted:) For £393.61 inc VAT you're getting fantastic screen which will survive a few years:)


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Nov 7, 2004
Keep an eye on the forums (under bargains) as Dell screen bargains crop up regularly. The best bargains are usually to be had from Dell directly. The sales staff there seem to be allowed to negotiate prices directly with you. Some even buy at staff discount to sell on Ebay (also allowed, it seems).

I bought mine (earlier 2405FWP model) from eBay from a seller, who guaranteed no dead pixels and was as good as his word. My G4 MacMini is hooked up to it and it runs absolutely fine, so your MacBook should have no problems.

Also worth a gander is the Dell Outlet site which sometimes has screens on offer.


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Oct 23, 2006
Wow! Many thanks for all the replies guys - I thought this one might be a dud. :)

I'll check out all of the links given to me, many thanks.

A bit of background about the way I work:

I have a 17" iMac at University (Ph.D student) and use that for work related email and simple daily tasks. I have a MacBook with 2GB RAM that I do all my programming work on - as I travel quite a bit but also work from home a lot at weekends and so on.

I have an iCurve from a few years ago when I had an iBook and I use that for the MacBook. I just feel that the screen is too small. I have many graphs and pdfs open at once (usually) and the screen gets cramped very quickly.

I know that the addition of spaces will save this somewhat with leopard, but even so, I have eyeTV and could do with watching TV on a separate screen that is a bit larger.

My girlfriend has a 24" iMac so we stream through to the lounge to watch movies or anything else like that, but for my office, I want more real estate.

The weight of the laptop is not a problem to me - but the size of the MacBook is preferable. I still always get jealous when looking at MBPs though... :rolleyes:


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Oct 23, 2006
Thanks for al your help guys - I opted for the 20" ACD in the end. It is my birthday on Sunday and I just want to treat myself to something I know I will love and never get bored of. It suits my needs just perfectly and will look amazing sat on my desk.