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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by harveypooka, May 15, 2008.

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    I'm going to buy a Mac Pro soon and I've decided to buy a monitor first. That probably seems bizarre, why not buy them at the same time, but hey, that's what I'm going to do...

    Anyway, I've been looking at the Dell 2408WFP, quite a snazzy monitor by all accounts, but I'm wondering if it'll plug into my iMac 2GHZ Core Duo for the time being? The last tower I owned was a PowerMac 6500 (yikes!) and ever since then it's been iMac's so I literally have no experience of plugging in different monitors and what not.
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    Should be fine. I used a Dell 2005FPW with my Core Duo MacBook and Core 2 Duo iMac without issue via the DVI input.
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    Yes, the Dell 2498WFP will work just fine with your iMac until your Mac Pro arrives.

    On a side note, I have a Dell 2407WFP (same monitor, just last years model number) connected to my Mac Pro and I must say I am impressed. It is hands down a fabulous monitor. The color and picture quality are outsanding and I love the fact that you can adjust the height, viewing angle, and even the orientation of the monitor. Plus the built-in memory card reader is a real plus if you have use for that sort of thing. So, good choice on the Dell 2408WFP and enjoy! :)
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    You may want to hold off your purchase until after May 20th. According to a Dell Rep, thats when the A01 revision will be shipping. Apparently there have been quite a few problems with the 2408WFP revision A00. I would give this thread on [H]ard|Forum a good read before pulling the trigger.

    I ordered the DoubleSight 26" H-IPS 1920x1200 monitor on NewEgg last night. It has great reviews from Anandtech and the [H]ard|Forums. Anandtech recently gave the 2408WFP a great review, but some people say it was a special model, or the next revision. I tend to use reviews to guide my purchases to narrow them down to a certain set, and then select the best by actual user reviews. The DoubleSight uses the same LG panel as expensive NEC models. Only difference is some of the connectors and the lack of a polarizer. However, recently some of the people ordering from NewEgg had been getting the polarized version. NewEgg changed their product page to reflect the addition of a polarizer yesterday, and now they are sold out again. This monitor just won't stay in stock. This polarizer gets rid of the white glow on IPS panels, such as the ACD, at angles and improves black levels from what I understand. I saw a photo comparing it to the 23" ACD and it actually looked a bit better! This monitor has also been reported to have lower lag time than the Dell, which is unique since the Dell uses a PVA panel which is a balance between the speed of a TN panel and the color accuracy and viewing angles of the IPS panels. Lower lag is good for games. Its also a few inches bigger and only costs $90 more, although I would personally prefer higher pixel density. Just something to think about.

    I will probably post a review next week when I receive the monitor. The only thing better about the Dell is the stand, the card reader, the extra inputs and the warranty for dead / stuck pixels. However, you can always buy a new stand, most people have card readers, and most of the reviewers didn't have many problems with the pixels. But you can't fix a crappy display. Just make sure you've done all your homework first, but I guess you could always return the Dell if you don't like it. I would just wait until after May 20th to give it a try, thats what everyone is recommending anyway. Good luck with your purchase.
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    Marvelous advice everyone, thank you.

    I will wait until after May 20th to see if the model is revised. Although, some of the talk on Hard Forums has confused me a little, things like 110% gamuts. I originally assumed this would be a *good thing*, but some seem to fear it like the black death as it makes colours inaccurate. I'll keep digging.

    On a totally separate note, there is some hilarious forum brawling between Deusfaux and E.T. on Hardforums in that thread. Here are some choice quotes:

    "Dude, seriously. Just walk away. Throwing out wiki links and spewing out a bunch of sh*t that has little to do with the specific issue at hand..."

    "If you don't tell the f*cking problem then don't expect to get f*cking answers!"
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    Dell being Dell, there's no hard info on the revision (Rev A01). My guess is that it addresses 'input lag,' which doesn't seem much of a problem or at least not noticeable by most. Not by me anyway. Not in my mouse cursor, not in playback of high def quicktime video.

    Read this GLOWING review from AnandTech:
    Here's some info from another post. (don't worry about the colors too much).


    I have a 2408, and like it very much. I expect, and love, that soon I'll buy a blue ray player and plug it in and watch excellent real 1080p high def (sadly, not with the easy HDMI plug, though it would work). Read on:

    You have to do a little research to find the settings that will get the monitor close to well calibrated, but I've had no problems with mine and find it very high quality.

    Great review:

    *** Try these for setting / calibrating color (VERY good info which makes a HUGE difference):


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