Dell deceived customers...

Discussion in 'Apple, Inc and Tech Industry' started by PlaceofDis, May 28, 2008.

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    Another wonderful Dell thread...

    Michael Dell has given the US (and now Canada) "the finger" and has upped and moved to new growth markets in China and India...

    He'll pay some small portion back in "Dell Gift Cards"... :eek:

    "There's a sucker born every minute" - I'm not a Dell one anymore, at least.(though I would like the thousands of dollars I spent back...)
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    I just read that article and have to wonder how Dell went from really good (that is according to some people I know) service to a free-for-all. Maybe they had a meeting with Walmart :p Anyway a friend had purchased a Dell laptop back in 2004 and got screwed with their payment hike method, i.e. $49 a month for 36 months with some crazy low interest by also placing $200 down. Well two months later he gets a new billing statement issued for month #3 and it becomes $79 a month for the remainder of the finance period :eek:
    Enter stage left a lawyer and the paperwork, Dell asks for the return of said laptop for a "wipe the slate clean" and a "great credit report" in return. He was less than pleased but his work offered to supply him a laptop from another vendor instead of buying one and having to supply it himself. All ended well but I can't say this of others who would just pay or not know what to do about such issues.
    Yeah, I can see Dell passing out vouchers "Band-Aids" and doing little to nothing to actually fix the problem at hand.
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    They can start by having every single one of their call in support center employees be located in the United States. A less than 5 min. average wait time would also be good. Get going Dell.
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    *sigh* Just more reason for me to hate Dell. I used to not have a problem with Dell, but the quality of their computers is so bafflingly atrocious that I've pretty much had no choice but to say "No." I don't friend Tyler is a big Linux guy and he loves Dell computers, and they work fine for him, but I bought an $800 Inspiron about a year and 3-4 months before I bought my Macbook. Besides being horrible to look at, extremely heavy, and the fact that it became so slow it was almost unusable after about 4 months, it became impossible to go a day without it crashing about 11-12 months after owning it. It's not my only bad experience with Dell computers...I've had small problems mounting all over since I've started using them, and while our old desktop was a bit better, quality-wise than my Inspiron, it still runs so slow it's not even used anymore. So, anyways, there came a time when I just refused to use the Inspiron, so I flat out gave it to my mom. I reformatted it and said "here." and saved up for my Macbook. Fortunately, my mom is nice and she paid me $500 for the Inspiron since I had bought it originally, and it works for her, since she doesn't use it very much. Although, my run-ins with Apple's customer service, which have always been wonderful, as talked about a bit here have caused her to tell me that she thinks her next computer will have to be from Apple :) didn't take any convincing, just experience. Needless to say, if you've ever tried fixing an issue with Dell, ugh...Dell's customer service leaves something to be desired, most definitely.
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    Bought a pimped out Dimension XPS 1st Gen., when they redesigned it in that big blue chassis and it was targeted for gamers; I called technical support, no hold to their special XPS department, but their agents knew nothing about computers. Didn't buy another Dell computer again. I do buy their monitors though. I paid 3 year protection and the computer only lasted me a year before I decided the lack of proper support for the sub-par machine wasn't worth it.
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    Crashes and unusability isn't dell's problem, its microsoft's problem. Their systems aren't bad, its the software they use that usually causes every single problems users are frustruated with.

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