Dell L100 PHYSICAL keyboard w/ iPhone 6?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Turnpike, Sep 23, 2014.

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    *FORGIVE ME! I know the real solution is to learn a new keyboard, and probably Apple's wireless iMac keyboard would work flawlessly by Bluetooth... I know, I know.... but for reasons that I can't ignore, I'm looking for a different solution....

    I have a VERY strong preference (15 years of 360/days a year 12+ hrs a day, full time use) for the Dell L100 keyboard for my writing. I've tried a zillion other keyboards (even the early Mac white/clear keyboards, the new wireless ones, etc... spending (very conservatively) over $1700+ on different NOS and new fancy keyboards since the iPad came out. (the closest I got was a fold-in-half blue tooth keyboard, which was close, but still not perfect).

    I really really need to keep using the Dell L100 keyboard for my last 2 years of my career, and am far too pressed for time and productivity to learn a new one. Of course it has a USB plug on it... so what would be the best way (price is not a problem, neither is there any advantage to wired/wireless/bluetooth- I just want a secure foolproof connection that works everytime instantly). Now with the iPhone 6 Plus out, I can take my tablet with me in my pocket, and have this keyboard setup at work, and at both offices, and in my vehicle for when I visit family or otherwise travel (even if it means to have multiple keyboard solutions sitting there waiting for me) to plug in my iPhone wherever I am.

    The atec bluetooth base often can't find the USB connection, and the pigtail with the USB-to-iPhone 5/6 plug keeps disconnecting and giving a "this device cannot be used with this input device" (or something like that) message (though often times after clicking "ok" that goes away and it still works).

    Are there any other solutions? Spending 12+ hours a day typing, I really need to keep my keyboard the one I want, and if anyone has a suggestion to how I can solidly connect it to the iPhone 6plus, I'm all ears.... Size, cost, price of apps, whatever. I'm eager to try a new solution (or mechanical keyboard) if someone knows of something worth trying.

    Most of what I type is regular text in either OneNote or Final Draft apps, if that helps/matters.

    Thank you! :)

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