Dell P2415Q + Mac Pro (late 2013) Questions...

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by MacPro2014, Dec 17, 2015.

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    I upgraded 2 of my Dell U2414 monitors to 2 P2415q monitors (apparently one is Rev 002 and the other is 003). I have a Cylinder Mac Pro running El Capitan. I have always kept the display menu in the Menu Bar and my old monitors appeared as displays besides the AirPlay options. However, ever since upgrading neither of my monitors are listed...only my Apple TV (AirPlay option).

    1) Is that normal for these monitors not to appear listed? The only way I can even see 2 monitors connected is via Displays in System Preferences.

    2) I know these monitors (like a few others) have a history of sleep/wake issues. I was actually hoping it would fix the issues from my U2414 ones. However, the pesky problem still exists. Sometimes it wakes from sleep...and sometimes I have to be unplugging the display cables a few times (powering the monitors on/off doesn't work either). Is that still normal for Rev002 + Rev003 versions?

    3) I have the two monitors directly connected to the Mac Pro running at full resolution @ 60hz via the original Dell DisplayPort to MiniDisplay Port cables. However, I would prefer to daisychain them via MST. I tried switching it over and it went...dead. When I tried it only ran at 30hz. Can someone help me out so that I can keep them both running at 60hz. I am also not convinced I had the cables with the correct connections (in/out), daisychaining the 2 monitors, etc.

    4) I plan on getting a Thunderbolt 2 Dock soon and would like to know if I daisychain the monitors (ideally at 60hz) and connect it into the dock as opposed to my Mac Pro...would that be possible?
    OR does it have to be connected directly to the Mac Pro?

    I'm starting to think the Dell cables are cheap/broken which might explain some of these problems.
    Sorry if some of these questions have been answered before. I tried searching the forums but some of these questions don't appear easily or on the same post.
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