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    Hello, first sorry if i posted in wrong section, please let me know.
    I've just got Dell U2410 Rev A10 and i have Spyder 3 whit Coloreye Display Pro software. i wanted to know what will be the best setting for Preset Modes to calibrate from? Standart, Adobe RGB or sRGB or other. I'm doing photography so i shoot in RAW and edit in sRGB in Lightroom. But i also play a lot of games like Battlefield 3, i've seen some where that you can use Gaming Mode low input lag with let say sRGB Preset Mode. Maybe some one can confirm that this trick still works on Rev A10?
    I will upload some screen shots from Coloreye Display Pro "validation results"

    Thank you guys/girls for taking your time to read this and hope to get answers to this

    Calibrated with v4 profiles:
    Adobe RGB:

    I found sRGB to be the best, other ones are just to saturated.
    I've just read that profile version v2 is better: so will do this test again whit v2. all of them where with v4

    Calibrated with v2 profiles: Dynamic Contrast = Off
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