Denon HEOS vs Sonos features

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Which system should I choose for my multi-room audio hard wired speaker setup?

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  1. Denon HEOS

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  2. Sonos

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  1. rhp2424 macrumors regular


    Jul 23, 2008
    I'll start by apologizing if this conversation exists somewhere. I searched multiple ways and I was not able to find anything relevant. Also my apologies if this belongs in another topic area.

    My house currently under construction is being hard wired in multiple rooms with in ceiling speakers. The plan is to purchase either a system using Sonos or Denon HEOS. I'll get the amp/link interface depending on which brand I go with. I won't be buying the individual speakers, but rather their amp interface. I also plan to plug an Airport Express into whatever setup I use to AirPlay to do the things Sonos or Denon setup won't allow me to listen to via iPhone or iPad or the like. I need your help with the considerations.

    I see the following differences:

    Sonos advantages:
    • Apple Music integration
    • Multiple praise forum posts around here about easy integration

    Denon HEOS advantages:
    • I'm understanding they have better sound processing (again I'm using my own hard wired speakers I'm not discussing the speakers themselves)
    • More input options including optical

    With that, is there any feedback or suggestions for one system versus another? I have a couple months to make my decision. Thanks everyone!
  2. 3ph macrumors newbie

    Sep 29, 2016
    I went for two Denon HEOS 1s, with the battery and bluetooth package, for the kids' rooms. They sound really good.

    • They're picky and sensitive to wifi conditions, and I really recommend cabled networking unless you got very good coverage.
    • The number of time bluetooth connectivity has worked flawlessly can be counted on one hand. If it connects, it is prone to fall out, especially on battery. After iOS 10, it has not been possible to connect by bluetooth.
    • The app is basically horrible. Illogical layout and workflow, you never know what's going to happen to playback if you add something to the queue, it is not possible to reposition playback (scrubbing). It is a typical cheap outsourcing job with no design or QA work.
    I cannot recommend it at the current level of frustration it induces. Sure, they sound good, but if you end up wiring them anyway you can get better speakers for that kind of money.

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