Dent on Air, Should I still get Apple Care?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by litokhmaikid, Sep 20, 2013.

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    So my 12 month warranty period on my air is about to run out (October 2nd) and I was contemplating whether or not to buy Apple Care. The reason I'm unsure is because I dropped my Air 5 months ago and it has a dent on the left side. Functionality is still all normal but I have heard horror stories about people going in for repairs and Apple reps denying them their apple care service by blaming it on "accidental damage." So what do all of you recommend?

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    Ditto that. Genius bar appointment, so it will at least show that you talked to reps before getting the coverage, and they knew about the pre existing condition. It will also document that the screen was working before coverage was bought.

    It looks like the corner of the display is dented. My GUESS is that the coverage may not cover the display if they determine the drop somehow damaged it. But it could cover other components should they fail.

    BTW, does it have the 64 or128gb Toshiba drive? There's been people reporting in on the forum that these drives have been prematurely failing just outside of the 12 month initial warranty period. If so, that in itself could be a reason to buy applecare, even if the screen may not be covered.

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