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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by jessdelgado0828, Feb 20, 2017.

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    IMG_3201.PNG IMG_3200.JPG So I just noticed one of my corners on my MacBook Air is dented. It's honestly not that big of a deal but it is REALLY bugging me. I found a device that fixes corners called PLIERTEK I inserted a picture. So I'm debating on purchasing it just because I'm not sure whether the screen needs to come off. On their picture it shows a MacBook Pro I believe which has the actual screen by the corner, but mine doesn't have the actual screen connected to the corner as you can see in the picture so i think the device would fit good so I just don't know what to do. Obviously I'm not a pro or even high tech like most of you probably are just need some opinions that's all.
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    My concern is with the dent you have, it's more of a bend. You need to find a way to flatted it, and than use that tool, my concern is if you use that that , you will bend it more . Sometimes you can make things worse :(

    Correction : there is a tool from them that also flattens the bend first

    Also , check eBay, a top cover can be had for under $100. The tool is $140? I'd go a replacement cover. No matter what you do with the tool, it will always have a bend/dent
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    My 2016 15" MBP came with a dent in the corner of the screen. I've decided to just ignore it because my dent looks more minor than yours.
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    I would have sent it back. But, only because of the possible resale hit because of the slight damage.
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    Why on earth would you not send that back for another? You're paying so much for it, it best be perfect out of the box.
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    Holy crap what is the tool made of? Inconel? Grade V titanium? Platinum?

    I agree that buying a new case might be the best way to go (or trying to locate a 3rd party repair shop that has the tool and just sells the service for a more reasonable price than $140). You might be able to find a salvage C2D model for less money than the tool!!!
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    I tend to keep my MBPs for 4-5 years and then they get passed on to family / girlfriend, so I'm really not concerned with resale value tbh.

    If I lived in the USA I might have done that, thing is I'm in India and had this BTO system carried here by my sister, so sending it back is going to be a major inconvenience and, besides, it doesn't have any other issues that I've seen some people reporting, so I'm just ignoring the tiny dent, even though this thing cost a small fortune. Guess I'm picking my battles; if I sent it back and then got a system with a squeaky keyboard or some other issue, having waited a few weeks to get the replacement, I'd be kicking myself.
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