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    Hello people.
    I was not surre where to ask some of this questions so i posted it here, please admins if im in wrong part of forum please move this thread to part of forum where it belong.

    So im about to replace app PC's craps at my friend dentist office.
    PC's he have are all brand named and in price range with apple devices so i offered him to buy apple devices instead of same old crapy pc's.

    So there is like two solutions here:

    Solution one:
    1 x iMac 27'' + 3 x Mac mini's

    iMac will be used as "server", he will have webserver (apache, php etc) on him, couse app which they use as EMR is written in PHP, and also some Office applications like word/excel beside that iMac wont be used for nothing more i guess.

    Mac mini's will be used next to dentist chairs, because they have displays on them self and while doctor is working on patients they can watch some videos or listen music, but main reason for for those mac's there is to capture video / picture from special dentist camera, so patient can look LIVE stream whats dentist is doing in his mouth, or doctor can take pictures of his teeth and save them in patient record file is there is need for that also.

    But with this solution i have one problem, those cameras im talking about is connected with PC/Mac via composite Video IN cable:

    Currently they are connected on PC via PCI TV Card's , but since Mac mini's don't have video in i need to buy some video capture adapter possible with some remote controller, so please suggest me what to buy, or give me any advice how to solve this problem in different way.

    Solution 2

    This solution require different apple devices.
    My idea was that i replace 3xMac mini's with 3 x Apple TV + 1 x iPad

    Apple TV can be hooked to displays on chairs, from iMac it can be streamed some files if user/dentist require it and it can act like multimedia device like its intended.
    But there is problem also with this setup, Apple TV also don't have VideoIN input so those cameras need to be hooked again on some tv tuner/card via usb, but i bet that Apple TV wont recognize any of that device so here is when iPad comes to help.
    My idea was that we buy some WiFi Video Adapter/TV Tuner and connect cameras via Video In cable to that, and stream video to iPad then use iPad to save/capture that Image/Video to iMac or stream it via AirPlay to one of those 3 Apple TV's.
    Is there any simpler or reasonable solution to what im trying to achieve
    here? Doctor and me think that solution 2 is more suitable for him also lots cheaper .

    I have also drawn some diagrams how all that should be connected in case i didnt wrote it well, english is not my native language so i bet there is lots spelling and all kind of errors in my writing.

    Sketch can be viewed here:


    Please can any one help me with devices i need here to complite all this and make it work, or you have some other ideas how to make this work in other way.

    Thank you :) :apple:
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    May 28, 2005
    You're trying to shove a square peg into a round hole, don't.

    I once tried to move an office to OS X. It's a bad idea. There were networking issues with the PC's, so it involved setting up static IP addresses. Then there were compatibility problems, such as the Apple USB Modem not working with the Mac Mini. Of course when you call Apple up after 6 months they say that the modem (which was purchased separately) doesn't have support, sorry.

    Of course you're in a different position, but it's not that different. You're going to use a 27" all-in-one as a server (really bad idea as a busted screen will take your office out of commission unless you buy a backup computer).

    You'll also have to find a 3rd party adapter for the composite in cable, or upgrade the hardware that connects to the computer. If the adapter doesn't work, you'll have to find another one, without any support.

    Compare a $1800 27" imac + 3 mac mini's @ $600 each, you're up to $3600, for a setup that may not work, and doesn't have any warranty coverage, or video inputs. If something happens, you'll have to drive your mac to the apple store and be without a computer for a few days to a week... Or you can purchase a backup mac and migrate everything over (you will be using a server for hosting the data, right? Or will you use time machine on each computer? That's another $300-$600 per mac. )

    See what I'm getting at here? To compare, a Dell costs $550, with a TV tuner card, Windows 7 Pro, and a next-business day, on-site warranty (and comparable specs to the mac mini). Overall, you're looking at almost 1/2 of the cost of a mac setup, with better warranty coverage and supported hardware.

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