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    Say you install app A through Cydia. App A requires dependancies B and C so Cydia also installs those packages.

    Now I don't like the app, have problems with the app, or just move on.

    I go to remove app A though Cydia but Cydia only offers to remove app A leaving B and C in the system even if they aren't used by anything else.

    I could go to Expert in my list of installed packages but what if I don't remember that packages B and C were related to A?

    Maybe this doesn't bother others but it bothers me that stuff is getting littered around on the phone. Is there a way to tell Cydia to do a full uninstall of dependancies if none of the other installed programs claim that package as a dependency? In Linux I know you can have it do that with .deb packages.
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    Nope doesn't bother me. Since I can't think of any that effect me.
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    this bothers me too because i'm afraid those useless package will drain battery life faster, that's why i always take a screenshot right after cydia showing those dependancies files.

    make sure to delete those plist too found in /var/mobile/preferences

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