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    Dec 29, 2015
    Does any know or have used any kind of deployment tool (one that pushes and installs .pkg's/copies .app's, and/or automatically runs scripts) to Macbooks. I've been working in a test-bed with Server and Open Directory/Profile Manager to attempt to fill the void in my company's infrastructure but the issue is that that it is a pull model not a push model. That meaning there is a client on the MacBook you want to manage and at a set interval it checks in and see if there are any updates that it should pull down. What I would ideally like is a way to tell it from the server side that each client needs to have this software on it and from the server I can push the software to the client and install it. I know for Windows you have SCCM which can do this and several other types of software but I have yet to see anything other than Apple Remote Desktop. I do know that in some capacity that SCCM can deploy to Macbooks but that is a long story where the SCCM admin in my company said no it can't and won't entertain any questions on the matter.

    I need a way to push software from the server to a MacBook/group of MacBooks rather than have the client pull updates down from the server. Any Ideas?
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    A couple options are utilizing OS X server and configuration profiles or the Casper suite.

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