Depressing Apple ID issues

Discussion in 'macOS' started by macbook123, Jan 1, 2016.

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    I have an old Apple ID I've been trying to get rid off. But again and again, I'm being prompted by iOS to use it in place of my new one. What is worse, I purchased some prescriptions for iOS apps with the old ID, and would like to transfer them to the new ID. Finally, the email address that is the old ID is going to become defunct in one week, and I simply want to get rid of it! The best would be to transfer everything associated with the old ID to the new one, or rather merge them. But Apple won't let me do this. What can I do?
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    The easiest option is to change the email address on the old Apple IDto an email you can access. You're right, the accounts can't be merged so it's that or re-purchase/subscribe on the newer Apple ID.
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    You can try any of the following:
    1- Ask Apple for a refund of what you bought with the old I'd and buy it again with the new one.
    2- Set up Family sharing and enable the new id to access all what was bought with the old id
    3- Set up everything with your new id, momentarily switch to the old id and download the things you need, authenticate, then go back to the new. Keep up with the annoyance to authenticate with the old id anytime there is an update it it is requested.

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